All About Mesotherapy – Mechanism, Benefits And Eligibility

    Mesotherapy is a pain relief method that follows a minimally invasive approach. It is the kind of treatment that takes the injection of the following nutrients into account so that the cells of the particular area can be regenerated: Vitamins Minerals Amino Acids Here are some of the areas which help in the reduction of […]


      Is experiencing a red scalp after the hair transplant normal or a matter of concern?

      The number of people who are undergoing hair transplants in Punjab is increasing regularly. It is because of the effectiveness of this hair restoration procedure. This procedure is acclaimed for not only restoring the growth of the hair in the individuals but rather also helps to restore self-confidence as well. The one giant advantage of […]


        Why should you visit Dr Mohan’s Skin and Hair Centre for cosmetic surgeries?

        Dr Mohan Skin and Hair Centre is one of the highly recognized centres to help patients with the advanced cosmetic procedure performed with the latest technological equipment. The patients gathering faith in the hair transplant in Punjab is booming regularly. The readers might be wondering, what is so special with the cosmetic procedures provided at […]

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          Returning to work after undergoing a hair transplant at Dr. Mohan’s Skin and Hair Centre

          Best Hair transplant treatment at Dr. Mohan’s Skin and Hair Centre Patients who have undergone a Hair transplant in Punjab at Dr. Mohan’s Skin and Hair Centre often get worried about, ‘When can they get back to their normal working routine after the treatment?’ Indeed! It is important to know about the downtime and what […]

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