Is experiencing a red scalp after the hair transplant normal or a matter of concern?


    Is experiencing a red scalp after the hair transplant normal or a matter of concern?

    The number of people who are undergoing hair transplants in Punjab is increasing regularly. It is because of the effectiveness of this hair restoration procedure. This procedure is acclaimed for not only restoring the growth of the hair in the individuals but rather also helps to restore self-confidence as well. The one giant advantage of this procedure is the economical hair transplant cost. Since it is so good a thing, then you may have to pay some price for it. NO! NO! Not in terms of money, but in terms of endurance. After the procedure, you will need to bear some of the discomforts. That could include swelling, redness or itching.

    Today we are going to discuss one of these discomforts and that is – ‘redness After The Hair Transplantation Procedure’

    Why does redness take place?

    Since we know the two stages – extraction and the transplantation of the hair follicles make it an invasive kind of procedure. The invasiveness of the procedure can be held accountable for the redness.

    But, Is it normal?

    Yes, surely it is. It can be considered as one of the parts of the recovery period.

    How long does it take for the redness to go away?

    It usually takes no more than 3 to 4 weeks to go away. Since then the hair follicles have gotten properly adapted to the scalp.

    What if it does not go within 1 month?

    As mentioned above, the redness goes on its own after 1 month. But in case, it does not go within this period or it takes more than that, then it should be informed to the doctor.

    What could be the possible redness for the redness to not go away within 1 month?

    It is because of some kind of infection that your scalp emerges to be red.

    Is the intensity of the redness different for different people?

    People who are suffering from redness after the hair transplantation will face redness. Their redness will be more visible if they are having a lighter skin tone. People with comparatively darker skin tones experience less reddening of the skin.

    What happens in the hair transplant procedure that makes the redness obvious to happen?

    The hair transplantation procedure involves the extraction of the hair follicles from the donor area ( usually the sides or the back of the scalp). The extracted hair follicles will then get transplanted into the recipient zone.

    How many hairs does a single follicular unit contain?

    A group of 3 to 4 hair are included in the single follicular unit.

    How are the holes left on the donor area after the extraction procedure?

    Since the extraction procedures involve the making of the little circular incision with the help of the microneedle. The hair follicles are then pulled out which leaves tiny holes in the skin.

    Final Comments!

    If you want to know the tips with the help of which you can reduce the redness from the scalp, then please stay tuned with us. In our next blog, we would mention the tips concerning the reduction in redness.

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