Why are Celebrities opting for Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser Hair Removal is a dermatologist performed procedure within a specialized room using protective eye gears and so on. Statistics show that 85% of the celebrities worldwide have ever opted for laser hair removal due to its efficacy. Rather than the razors, waxing, hair removal creams, and the use of threads on the skin, the […]


      Can my Eczema disappear with Tanning and Controlled UV rays?

      As many wait for the summer time to properly strip and head to the beach for fun, others are yearning for the summertime to treat, cure, and erode their Eczema. According to some individuals, summertime is the perfect time to just lay down in the sand and expose the Eczema affected skin. The UV rays […]


        Cell phone is bringing disturbance on skin

        When you awake in the morning and feel the state of horror in front of the mirror, wondering how did you get acne suddenly. The blame goes to the shiny smartphone, when you use your phone, you are actually rubbing oils, old makeup, and bacteria in your skin. Influences on skin 1) Acne: The major […]

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          Pre-Wedding Chemical Peels, How they must be used

          It’s about time to walk down the aisle with the man of your dreams. With looking your best on that actual day; a step can’t be missed. There are many facial treatments that a lady may pick from, but a good dermatologist is one of the first and vital thing to think about before you […]

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            What a wonderful dermatologist!

            Doctor Mohan has been my dermatologist for almost a decade now. He is now a family dermatologist since my children and anyone related to me ends up in his hospital. His multidisciplinary skin disease hospital and hair transplant centre are at a world class standard. I have watched the doctor upgrade from one state of […]

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