Some Clarified Facts About Facial Aesthetic Treatment

    Facial aesthetic or rejuvenation treatments are non surgical methods to reduce the aging on face so that more youthful appearance can be given to person. Following are some facts about this treatment to make you understand about facial rejuvenation Is facial treatment painful? No, this non surgical treatment is comfortable however patients have some nervousness […]


      3 Easy Steps And Tips To Get Rid Of Eczema

      Eczema is the skin disease or allergy and it is the recurring condition of the skin. Under this condition patient may have dry, easily irritated and itchy skin. To keep this condition under control it is important to keep a daily skincare regimen and follow it daily. Following are 3 simple steps to take care […]


        Is It Obvious That Vitiligo Patients Develop Skin Cancer?

        To be certain, patients with vitiligo will in one way or another express their worry about skin cancer. Although vitiligo is a complicated disease and dislikable in all cases, no one can even dare fathom the pain of dealing with skin cancer. At our dermatology clinic, vitiligo patients always ask about their incidence of skin […]

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          Can I Go For Tumescent Liposuction Surgery?

          Liposuction is the most common and result oriented procedure being performed all over the world to shape up the body. Mainly this plastic surgical procedure is done to remove the extra fat from the various body parts to give pleasing look to the patient as desired. The name liposuction is combination of two words lipo […]

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