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Varicose Vein problems are quite common in humans, especially men. The problem affects all ages and if not treated, it may become a life threatening factor. They pose no major pain, but their appearance is embarrassing and cause poor image issues.

There are different types of varicose veins, such as spider veins, lesser saphenous varicose veins, and moderate or severe varicose veins.

19.8% in Men and 25.8% in Women in General Population

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged and visible veins that are commonly seen on the legs and the thighs. They vary in sizes and they come along with other different issues. Though there are many treatments for varicose veins, each type of varicose veins has a different approach to effectively remove them

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    What could be the cause of varicose veins?

    Varicose veins may appear for many reasons, but there is a major one that arises from the pressure exerted veins while carrying blood to the heart. A valve helps the blood flow in one direction, whereas the veins’ main function is to carry de-oxygenated blood to the heart. Once there is any issue, the veins and the valves will not work effectively causing pressure to build up in order to perform their work hence, leading to enlarged veins.

    Varicose veins are also common in pregnant women, overweight individuals, and those who sit or stand for a long period of time

    How terrible are they?

    Since there are different types of varicose veins, it is quite difficult to measure their severity unless they properly form or visible on the legs. They impose no pain, yet have a disgusting appearance and for those conscious about their body image, the problem has major psychological impacts

    Varicose veins alter the shape of the legs or the thighs which can also be visible even if one is well dressed.


    Symptoms of Varicose Veins

    Varicose veins are detected by the following;

    • Painless deformation of the legs characterized by twisted veins under the skin
    • Itching around the veins
    • Dark or blue twisted visible veins
    • Deformation of the thighs

    In case of severe varicose veins, these will occur;

    • Ulceration: where a patch in the form of a wound occurs on one leg or both of them
    • Bleeding
    • Skin changes: there will be darkening of the legs or simply discoloration
    • Swelling: it will pose no pain or a little pain

    Before the treatment

    A general observation and examination is conducted by the doctor. Dr. Mohan is the leading dermatologist in India who diagnoses and treats any skin disease that might be bothering you. He is an excellent choice in treating varicose veins using modern techniques that are painless and also offer a quick recovery


    Once all the above-mentioned problems are recognized in a man or woman, it is best to seek varicose veins treatment. The treatments range from surgical treatments to nonsurgical treatments each performed, depending on the type of varicose veins.


    It is a minimally invasive treatment where foam (treatment) is injected into the enlarged veins. This treatment is best for smaller veins, including spider veins. The foam works by damaging the endothelium causing the blood platelets to connect to the vessels and the end, the blood vessel to clot. Within a few months, the clotted vessel is repaired and there will be no sign varicose veins


    This a surgical procedure, conducted in cases of severe or large varicose veins

    There are two main players in this modern technique. That is; the energy and the ultrasound method. By using the ultrasound, the energy is directed into the varicose vein which causes it to contract. A fiber laser is used and in an EVLT, it is meant to minimize damage to the tissue. It is then removed out of the skin


    A numbing cream may be used or Anesthesia may be administered to a patient. The areas will be cleaned and you will be requested to wear protective goggles.

    The laser fiber is directed into the varicose veins and the patient may feel a tingling sensation. The light energy will trigger the blood to coagulate and the vein is absorbed within the body. With time, the varicose veins will be no more

    What happens after this procedure?

    • A cold compressor is applied on the legs since you will be feeling warm in the treated areas. Bandage is also applied which is removed after a few days
    • There will be swelling and redness, but will go with time
    • There is minimal scarring

    Meet India’s best dermatologist (Dr. Mohan) to treat all skin conditions. Other varicose veins treatments include surgical stripping which is the traditional method

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