The latest practices in the Hair Transplantation field in India

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Extraction of Grafts

Extraction of Grafts

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What is a Hair Transplant?

The most effective and permanent way of restoring hair on the scalp or any part of the body is a hair transplant. It is a surgery where a surgeon removes hair grafts from the donor area and then transfers them to the bald region.

Techniques of Hair Transplant at Dr. Mohan Hospital

There are mainly two techniques conducted at the specialist hospital. That is FUT and FUE.

Follicular Unit Extraction

It is a modern stitchless technique where the surgeon removes individual hair follicles from the donor area and then implants them into the tiny incisions made in the recipient region. The number of hair follicles to be grafted is specified during the consultation before a hair transplant in India

Follicular Unit Transplantation

It is a traditional technique most suitable in case of severely affected patients or as the surgeon may observe. The technique requires the surgeon to harvest naturally occurring hair follicles with the help of a strip from the donor area (back of the head) and then the wound is stitched. The strip is dissected while the individual follicles are kept in a saline solution to expand their lifespan. The individual follicles are then implanted into the small incisions in a way that produces natural results

The process of Hair Transplant

  • The process begins local anesthesia administration that only numbs the scalp skin. The patient stays awake and can even read a magazine while the surgeon conducts the procedure.
  • The hair follicles are gently harvested from the donor area and in FUT, a strip is cut. It will be dissected with the help of a microscope
  • The individual hair follicles are implanted in the specific angle and direction like the existing hairs to achieve undetectable and natural results
  • The hair transplant procedure is normally a one-day procedure or can take 2 sittings depending on the affected area

Scarring and the Donor area

The latest hair transplant practices, hair transplant procedures can be performed without shaving the donor area if the patient desires so. The donor, especially in FUE will be undetectable after a few days since a small micropunch is used to extract the hairs. It also offers a shorter recovery period than FUT where a large tissue must be extracted.

Scarring is absolutely common in hair transplant since the skin is pierced to extract the follicles or a strip is cut with the tissue. A specialist is the only one who can minimize the scars or present a scalp with less visible scars. Also, the Trichophytic Closure technique can help minimize or perhaps eliminate the scar

Results after a hair transplant

Natural hair will grow after 6 months and with more months, hair will fully grow to occupy the formerly affected region. You can style, dye, or braid the hair as you want. Hair transplant results offer total satisfaction when performed by an expert like Dr. Mohan

Hair Transplant cost

It largely depends on the number of hair follicles to be extracted, but you are assured of an affordable hair transplant procedure at our hospital.

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