Mohan Skin Diseases Hospital

We are the experts in examining, diagnosing, and treating of all skin infections and diseases that you are aware of and unaware of. Our widely known hospital uses the latest technology for all the procedures concerned with skin treatments. We offer a wide range of services and aim at the best results for all our dear patients

Our specialist hospital provides quality services that fall in the Dermatologist category to both males and females. The expert (Dr. Mohan Singh) with his experienced team provide effective procedures from the beginning to the end of the treatment

An Utmost Qualified Dermatologist in India

Dr. Mohan Singh is one of the most qualified dermatologists in Punjab. He heads Mohan Disease Hospital, one of the most specialist hospitals for all types of skin diseases. At the hospital, you will find multiple departments concerned with diagnosing, treating and providing post-operative care after any type of surgery.

Dr. Mohan’s Academic Background

In 1981, Dr. Mohan acquired his M.D in Dermatology from Govt Medical Patiala. He is an acclaimed surgeon and skin specialist having joined one of the most recognized dermatology boards in America and that is the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). He has mastered several spheres of dermatology which include skin surgery, using the latest Laser treatments, diagnosing different skin diseases and proving the best treatment to patients.

Dr. Mohan’s Collaboration

He once worked with Prof. AN. Okoroof as a senior consultant in Nigeria after which he worked with the late (Prof. Surinder Kaur).He visited St. John’s Hospital for Skin Diseases (London) after which he

joined Mahatma Ghandhi Institute of Medical Science (MGIMS), Wardha, Maharashtra as the head of the dermatology department. He started a skin disease hospital with two other skin specialists from Jalandhar. Also, he works with his wife Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, who is a gynecologist and their daughter, who is a radiologist

What to expect at the Hospital

Mohan Skin Hospital is an advanced skin diseases hospital providing different medical services to patients. The skin experts conduct their treatments and diagnostic procedures using the latest and modern equipment and practices to provide the best treatments to patients.

Dr. Mohan’s experience has helped tackle and effectively treat patients with all complicated skin cases. He performs plastic surgeries meant to correct any deformity or improve a patient’s appearance. The hospital provides significant treatments to Vitiligo patients and all other skin related concerns.

Our Excellent Team

It takes efforts from well-trained and experienced staff to attain a goal. At Mohan Skin Disease Hospital, we are proud to say that we are the right team that will help go through your course of treatment in the right friendly manner. We are genuine and kind to all patients from the start to the end. We assure you with the best experience with us

What to expect from us;

  • Mutual trust
  • Expertise and Competence
  • Professionalism
  • Free assistance
  • Humility
  • Friendly healing environment
  • Individual Approach
  • Total submission
  • 24*7 services

We shall be delighted to serve you in the best manner

our team


We are a highly sophisticated hospital with the latest instruments and genuine practices since it is internationally recognized. We provide standard consultation procedures to all patients and we provide all the required information about your skin disease.

Our unique expertise in the field has aided in effective diagnostic procedures that have combated all skin diseases in our patients. Your private consultation is taken seriously to devise the best treatment

Services and Treatments provided

You will obtain all services under one roof at Mohan hospital. Diagnosis, examination, and treatments are all available to reduce costs and time. Our services include;


You are always welcome for a simple or a major consultation with the experts at our hospital. Dr. Mohan and his co-specialists are available to exchange valuable information and ideas regarding any skin infection, disease and disorder.

There are chances that your skin problem may be overcome by just simple treatments, so, approach the experts before you embark on any major treatments

Therapeutic services

Therapeutic services involve many approaches and procedures. They are aimed at achieving a healthier body, mental state, and overall individual transformation. These services go in hand with any treatment that may be provided and they are meant for children and adults

Skin examinations

Looking at your skin disorder can help us detect the cause and devise the best treatment

Diagnosis and Treatment of all skin problems

Since 1989, Dr. Mohan has been involved with diagnosing and treating of skin problems in men and women. Our ideal procedures and treatments have provided excellent results which have made us the leading dermatologist hospital in Jalandhar.