Tattoo Removal | Birth Mark Removal in Jalandhar, Punjab

Tattoos have become part of a majority in India today. From celebrities, politicians, to a common man, you will find that one has a big or small tattoo on any part of the body for different reasons. Tattoos are actually a taboo in some religions and families.

In America, 40% have tattoos, but you will be surprised to find that 30 are looking for the best solution to get rid of them with Tattoo Removal in Jalandhar.


What are Birthmarks & Tattoos?

Birthmarks and tattoos are very common among people; however, birthmarks naturally occur, whereas tattoos are embedded in the skin by an artistic person. Most birthmarks are vascular birthmarks that occur due to the abnormal formation of blood vessels under the skin.

A tattoo is anything drawn on the body using a sharp instrument that directs indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin. This ink changes the pigment to form any image that a person desires.

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Getting Rid of Tattoos

People get rid of tattoos for many reasons that could be personal or societal reasons. Laser Tattoo removal techniques are the best when it comes to getting rid of tattoos and birthmarks.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Techniques work

Using a strong and concentrated light beam, the laser breaks and dissolves the pigment that forms the tattoo thereby removing it from the skin. A type of laser is selected depending on the pigment color.

Tattoo Removal TECHNIQUES

  • Laser Removal

A laser technique speeds up the process of the tattoo removal and it actually takes less effort. The laser will penetrate the skin, thereby removing the ink. The procedure may take more sessions depending on the ink that was used and the size of the tattoo.

  • Intense Pulsed Light

It is another technique where concentrated pulses of light are directed to the skin where they are absorbed to remove the tattoo. The instruments used during tattoo removal treatment in India with Intense Pulsed Light normally depend on the depth of the tattoo.

  • Salabrasion

It is a traditional method and a type of skin resurfacing. The procedure can be performed under anesthesia since it is painful. During the procedure, the area is shaved and cleaned. Salty water will be applied to the skin and an abrasive device is used to scrub the area in order to remove the tattoo. Different sessions are scheduled depending on the size of the tattoo.

  • Excision

It is an effective procedure for smaller tattoos and it is where the tattoo is cut out of the skin and the wound is sutured.

  • Saline Injections

It is a less invasive technique where the dermatologist injects a special saline solution into the tattoo. The tattoo area will get exposed and a saline solution is applied on top. It will cause the ink to rise to the top where it is wiped away removing the tattoo.

Some of the tattoo removal techniques are used for Birthmark removal treatment in India. The methods have to be performed by an experienced dermatology due to their side effects and complications as mentioned below;

  • Infections
  • Scarring
  • Hypopigmentation

There are chances that the tattoo may not completely disappear

Tattoo Removal Treatment Cost

There are different techniques used to remove tattoos on body. They range from simple to intensive techniques and also the type of tattoo and size, plus the ink used normally influence the Tattoo Removal Treatment Cost in India. However, you will get the best rate at Dr Mohan Skin Disease Hospital for any type of tattoo removal.

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