Acne or pimples commonly develop in case the skin pores become blocked, infected or inflamed. In case the pore clogs and closes, it will bulge, thus seeing the whitehead. This takes us to the common symptoms and types of acne.

Acne is one of the commonest skin disorder that males and females experience. Acne normally appears during puberty in females and males. After this stage, the problem may completely disappear or appear to a very less extent. However, there are individuals who will still battle acne throughout their whole life if no treatment is used. 80% of people in their lifetime experience acne due to different causes.


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    Acne which is also commonly known as pimples is tiny swellings normally filled with pus.

    This happens when the pores on the skin become plugged and when these fade away, they leave scars behind. Acne is divided into the following categories;

    • Whiteheads
    • Blackheads
    • Pimples
    • Nodules

    General Acne Symptoms

    In mere terms, acne symptoms vary as per the severity, attacked region, and the cause. Notable symptoms of acne include;

    • Papules ‘raised lesions’
    • Clogged pores ‘blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples’
    • Cysts ‘these are nodules filled with a fluid and pus’
    • Pustules ‘raised lesions with pus’


    Acne usually attacks the face, the neck, shoulders, the back, the chest, and the upper arms. The formation of acne is thought to be hormonal imbalances in everyday life, but that is false or rare.

    Acne is formed when the male and female hormones trigger or stimulate the oil glands and then acne is formed.

    The oil glands are connected to the hair follicle (Pore) in the skin. The sebaceous glands make an oily substance known as Sebum, which comes out to the topmost layer of the skin through the follicle.

    This oil that is trying to get through causes the cells in the pore lining to come together and speed up its shedding, which leads to the formation of a plug at the opening of the follicle.

    At the end, bacteria will occur and take its course. It will grow and bring about inflammation, which makes the follicular wall to break.

    The results will be swelling, redness, and pus


    There are common beliefs that Acne is due to diet, or hygiene. This is false; Acne is mostly a genetic condition that one can experience in case his or her mother has it.

    Also, Acne is more common in girls and females

    The actual cause of acne is not known, but stress and fatty foods can aggravate acne problems in males and females

    • Hormones

    At puberty, male hormones are female hormones are stimulated. These include testosterone and androgens. This will trigger the oil glands to produce more Sebum causing acne

    • The Bacteria

    The bacteria that grow in the clogged follicles may also increase the acne breakout. This will lead to the formation of blackheads on the face and other areas.

    • The belief about acne and contraceptives

    It is a belief among some women that use of contraceptives or any other form of birth control method can cause acne when stopped. This is true to a lesser extent since there are women who also believe that the use of contraceptives prevents acne.

    • Stress

    Stress generally aggravates the extent of acne one suffers from since the expansion of the capillaries

    • Medications

    Certain drugs or medications that contain steroids and iodides can trigger acne or make it severe.

    • Cosmetics

    Some cosmetic products are harsh and happen to fill up the pores which increase your risk of acne

    • Pollution

    Exposing your face to dust and pollution blocks the pores which cause an accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells.


    Acne scars lead to low self-esteem and cause loss of a positive body image. They cause many to feel rejected and less recognized in the society. The latest advanced acne scar treatments are very effective in thoroughly eliminating all acne scars to leave your skin smooth with a youthful appearance.


    • The depth of the scars
    • The money you are willing to spend
    • The amount of tissue loss
    • The location of the scars
    • Other cosmetic procedures to be performed during the process


    • Treat acne as soon as it develops
    • Do not pick, pop or squeeze out at a pimple
    • Do not pick at scabs
    • Reduce inflammation
    • See the doctor if you get deep, large breakage and acne cysts
    • You should if you are prone to scarring


    There are counter treatments for minor acne while severe acne requires modern treatments since it also leaves scars on the skin. Acne treatment in India is performed by the following;


    It is one of the latest methods where a substance known as Levulan is smeared on the affected area targeting the cane glands and a specific wavelength of light is directed to that area.

    This method reduces the oils in the skin and the size of the pores

    There are no side effects

    • ISOLAZ

    Isolaz is a procedure where suction is used to expose or vacuum the pores in order to remove the debris (sebum). A regulated amount of light is used in the process to destroy the bacteria and the sebum


    Combination Omnilux Light Therapy is a technique that increases the effectiveness of the light based treatments concerning acne. It prevents or reduces inflammation during the procedure hence clearing acne for good


    It is a procedure where chemical solutions are used and they are normally sued with other treatments. Salicylic acid is one of the used solutions during acne treatment.

    Different chemical peels like Glycolic peel, Phenol Peel, and Trichloracetic Acid are used to treat acne scars. Each peel contains concentrated chemicals that are applied on the facial skin for a specified period of time. Each is used after an observation with the dermatologist.

    Each chemical peel delivers the best results when the depth of the scar tissue is identified before it is used. Phenol Peel is normally used for deeper scars and used within the clinic


    It promotes healthy cell growth by killing the bacteria that cause inflammation. It also reduces the size of the pores there by preventing acne breakouts.

    The procedure takes about 45 minutes


    In this procedure, the dermatologist extracts the blackheads and the whiteheads, mostly those that have failed to respond to treatments.

    Faxel Laser Treatment

    It is one of the most effective ways of treating acne scars on the face, neck, and in other areas. Numerous microscopic sized-laser beams are used in the process. To undergo this treatment, a discussion with the dermatologist is vital since it is not favorable for all skin types

    • Fraxel Re:pair CO2 Laser

    It is a fractional technology, which works by emitting a wavelength to the acne scars. The procedure requires pain management and measures to prevent complications

    This type of treatment is meant for patients with deeper acne scar tissue and who wish to have it. It offers excellent results when aesthetically used, but will also cause a huge damage when poorly used.

    Fraxel Restore on the other hand is also a type of acne scar treatment but with it, a patient will have to undergo more treatment procedures

    • Clear + Brilliant

    It is a non- ablative fractional laser where a laser is used to damage the skin and the skin is left to heal on its own. The acne scars are targeted and after a [period of time, collagen production is stimulated and a new skin will be formed.

    It is performed after a numbing cream is applied on the skin to the treated. This treatment will require 3 to 4 treatment procedures before the best results are realized mostly depending on the patient’s condition

    • Vbeam Laser

    The pulse-dye laser is one of the used treatments to overcome acne scars. The pulsed dye laser releases a tough beam of light to the acne area and it is absorbed into the blood vessels. Only the affected area is targeted and treated.

    During the procedure, a cooling device is used to prevent the effect of the heat from the laser.

    • Dermal Fillers

    Dermal fillers work by injecting the filler into the acne scars, thereby facilitating collagen production. Hyaluronic based fillers used include Juvederm, Belotero, and Restylane. A topical numbing cream is normally used during the procedure.

    Dermal fillers are used by a majority of patients and have shown remarkable results.

    • Full Laser Resurfacing

    The dermatologist utilizes the fractional lasers such as CO2 laser or Erbium laser to completely remove the topmost layer of the skin affected by acne scars. The upper dermal layers are also removed during the procedure. It is best for superficial scars (shallow).

    The recovery time is normally 6 to 12 days

    • Surgery

    Surgical extraction of the acne scars is also a leading procedure performed by the dermatologists. The blackheads and the whiteheads will be removed in the process, leaving you with a face free of acne scars


    Laser acne scar treatment in India is not so much costly. Its cost depends upon laser used. Our hospital uses the latest technique and advanced treatment. We are no.1 in the market with the best treatment at a good price.


    At this point, we are to detail what happens before acne treatment, during its treatment, and what happens after.

    Before Your Acne Treatment

    • Consultation
    • Skin Examination to examine the acne type and cause
    • Blood tests are performed
    • Health evaluation

    During Acne Treatment

    • Our dermatologist will apply a numbing gel to the intended region
    • Protective eye shields are provided
    • Depending on the selected treatment technique, the dermatologist will treat the acne
    • The procedure is conducted carefully

    After Your Acne Treatment Procedure

    • You may experience dryness or a burning sensation depending on the treatment technique used
    • Skin care lotions or creams will be provided which must be applied daily
    • Oral medications or antibiotics will be provided
    • You may be given diet instructions


    Clogging of pores

    Accumulation of dead skin cells and a plug is formed

    Increased sebum ‘oil’ production in case of hormonal changes

    Bacterial proliferation, hence an inflammation

    Bumps “Acne”

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