Burn Scar treatment in India

Burn scars are common among children and adults. Almost any injury to the skin may cause a scar, but it is only the extent of damage to dictate the amount or extent of scar to get.

What are burns?

Burns are injuries that damage the skin, leading to the disruption of the body’s tissue. Most burns experienced in homes and factories are thermal and they tend to cause different amounts of damage. Factory burns cause a deeper damage resulting in extensive and intensive treatment and as well as post burns scar management.

Acid attacks are also other cases that result in skin and tissue damage that cause even death in case no emergency care and treatment is provided to a patient.

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What to know about burn scars

  • Simple scars fade over the time, mostly those that are acquired during infancy. Other simple scars may require simple creams to take them away
  • It is best to know that the skin type of an individual influences the appearance or the clearance of the scar.
  • There are different types of burns and scars and normally, first degree burns don’t cause scarring.
  • Other types of burns will cause scarring and they will require scar treatment

Types of Scars we get from Burns

  1. Hypertrophic scars

When the skin is injured, it stimulates collagen production to heal the wound. Hypertrophic scars are a result of excessive deposition of collagen in the burnt area that will cause a raised skin or scar. They may be itchy at times and normally appear as per the person’s skin color.

  1. Contracture Scars

These are a result of second or third-degree burns. Normally after a burn is experienced, the surrounding skin will collect itself to repair the wound and it will tighten in that particular area.

  1. Keloid Scars

Keloid scars occur due to an aggressive healing process that causes the skin to rise above the normal skin surface.

Treatment for Burn Scars

Treatment approaches to burn scars is always different, mainly depending on the type of scar and the size. For anyone with burn scars, Post Burn Scar treatment in India can be provided as below;

  1. Over the counter treatments

In case of simple scars, an antibiotic ointment, creams, and gels, can be used to get rid of the scars. Other treatments that can be provided by the dermatologist include steroids and antihistamine creams can be used.

  1. Ultrapulse CO2 Laser

It is a type of Ablative laser where concentrated beams of light are directed towards the scar and absorbed by the body tissue. The directed energy will cause temperature elevation once the energy reaches to the depth of the skin and the healing as the healing process takes its course, a new and healthy body tissue will be seen.

  1. Surgery

Surgical removal of deeper scars is common today since it can be the only permanent way of getting rid of big scars. A surgery is also most advisable in case the scar cause malfunctioning in or on the body.

  1. Skin Grafting

It is also a form of surgery where the skin is removed from one side of the body to the scar area. It is performed under anesthesia.

  1. Injections

Collagen injections and fillers are also available for any type scars. This treatment is not effective for deep scars and bigger ones and they are not a permanent solution to most burn scars. It can only be used when the dermatologist suggests.

Other treatments

They include therapy, excision, and dermabrasion all available at the Mohan Skin Disease Hospital.

Results after burn scar treatment

There are ideal results, especially after laser and surgical extraction of the scars. This usually happens after 3 weeks. The skin will continue to form a new layer clearing the scar in the process.

Post Burn Scars Treatment Cost

As treatments are different and also differ with the difference in the burn scars, treatment costs are asserted during a consultation with the dermatologist. At Mohan Skin Disease Hospital, Post Burn Scars Treatment Cost in India is totally affordable and friendly. Meet the best dermatology in India to get rid of the scars that cause emotional distress.

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