Enlarged Breasts (Gynecomastia) in Males: A Growing Issue in Boys, Adults & Ageing Males

It’s quite an annoying condition as millions are left devastated by their physical appearance. Gynecomastia, a global body condition in males is associated with an array of psychological and physical drawbacks that even make some victims shed tears during a consultation.

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What Does Gynecomastia really Mean?

In layman’s language, gynecomastia refers to enlarged breasts in males. With an enhanced description, gynecomastia refers to the enlargement of male breasts triggered by an oversized glandular tissue with or without fat. This fatty tissue is known as pseudogynecomastia. Breast enlargement is common in boys, particularly during puberty because of a high incidence in hormonal imbalance and also, gynecomastia can develop in adults due to hormonal imbalances, poor diet, and the use of certain drugs. As earlier known, droopy breasts in ageing men is normal and common, but currently, the incidences of gynecomastia have escalated in all age groups.

What Could be the Cause of Gynecomastia?

Although the actual gynecomastia trigger in males is unknown, scientists believe that the following can lead to gynecomastia in males;

Hormonal Imbalances

Males are naturally known to have a female hormone known as estrogen. In case male hormones like testosterone or androgens reduce in quantity, this can cause an imbalance in hormones, which triggers breast enlargement in males.

Genetic Predisposition OR Genetics

Your chances of developing enlarged breasts escalate in case gynecomastia runs in your family or in case any of your relatives have the condition. It is quite unfortunate that gynecomastia can’t be prevented from attacking an individual, unless ART technologies like IVF are utilized.


A sedentary lifestyle is actually one of the easiest paths to developing gynecomastia and obesity. Similarly, men who go on to lose weight after battling obesity for years have higher chances of being left with droopy breasts something which requires surgery to correct the deformity.

Poor Feeding Approaches

Fatty foods, fast foods, and processed foods can easily trigger breast enlargement in case taken in high quantities. Doctors also stress that one’s chances are increased in case his testosterone levels are low and the estrogen levels remain at the same level.

Medications & Drug Use

A number of medications can trigger gynecomastia and among them we have; methyldopa, diazepam, Anti-ulcer drugs, spironolactone, and certain antibiotics. Other habits like smoking and alcoholism can also lead to the same condition.

Gynecomastia Diagnosis

Enlarged breasts can easily be detected by an individual, however, clinical diagnosis approaches are necessary. A clinical diagnosis basically indicates the size of the glandular tissue and with that, in case your breast tissue is above 0.5 cm in diameter, you certainly have gynecomastia.

A clinical diagnosis will also draw a line between fatty deposits and an enlarged glandular tissue. Those with an accumulated amount of fat aren’t gynecomastia patients. Blood tests are also required to evaluate your thyroid, liver, and kidney function and certainly to look at your hormone levels.

What You must know about Gynecomastia

Generally, gynecomastia treatments fall into two categories; surgical and non-surgical treatment approaches. Opting for a Gynecomastia Surgery in India is recommended for those with an extremely oversized glandular tissue as the condition is irreversible with other treatments.

A Gynecomastia Surgery

A gynecomastia surgery can involve other cosmetic procedures like liposuction. The surgery is basically conducted under general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation and it requires incisions. Depending on your surgery and aesthetic requirements, the surgeon will make incisions near the nipple or at the edge of the breast to remove the glandular tissue. The procedure of removing the glandular tissue is known as mastectomy. The procedure can be done as an open surgery or a keyhole surgery. The procedure may also require the surgeon to eliminate the excess skin for a patient to achieve optimal aesthetic results.

Gynecomastia surgery with liposuction

In case you have excess fat in the breasts, liposuction is required to suction the fat. This approach is quite required in males who are overweight to help them obtain a properly formed chest. Therefore, a probe is utilized by introducing it in the breast to suck the fat out.

What Will Happen after a Gynecomastia Surgery (Possible Outcomes)

A Gynecomastia surgery in Punjab is generally considered safe and effective to restore an appealing appearance of a male chest. Drains will be introduced into the chest to collect the fluid and the blood during the first weeks of the recovery period. You will have to return to the centre for them to be removed as directed by the surgeon. You will certainly experience pain after the procedure, but the pain is controlled by painkillers as prescribed. You will witness swelling, bruising, and minor bleeding during your recovery period, but all these are normal. It is also quite important to take the medications as prescribed to prevent an infection.

Outcomes with a Gynecomastia Surgery

95% of males are happy with their results after a gynecomastia surgery and in fact, a gynecomastia surgery is one of the commonest plastic surgeries performed in males. It is FDA approved and various surgical approaches have made the surgery safe with higher efficacy.

Non-Surgical Gynecomastia Treatments

Nonsurgical treatments basically include;

  • SERMs (Selective estrogen receptor modulators)

These include tamoxifen (Soltamox) and raloxifene (Evista) prescribed to reduce the level of breast tissue. These medications are commonly used in severe cases of gynecomastia.

  • Hormone Therapy

It involves the use of synthetic hormones to correct your hormones and in this, Testosterone Replacement is assured. This treatment approach can be recommended only after an evaluation.

If Not Surgery & Medications, What can Eliminate Gynecomastia?

As much as you may want to treat gynecomastia without surgery, you are recommended to visit a doctor for an evaluation. Untimely treatment is one of the common factors that render an individual a candidate for a gynecomastia surgery. In case you desire to postpone your Gynecomastia Surgery in Jalandhar the following are recommended;

  • Regular exercises, however, you must talk to your surgeon about the best physical exercises to eliminate the man boobs
  • Improve your dietary approaches- reduce the intake of fatty foods or generally unhealthy foods
  • Find possible ways to reduce stress
  • Go for counselling