Indian Medical tourism is booming for hair transplant services


    Indian Medical tourism is booming for hair transplant services

    Hair transplant: 98% of impressive success rate in India

    India is one of the ideal places in terms of tourist destination, and its diversity in various aspects attracts everyone. Whether you talk about food, language, traditions, ancient healing, or literature is something that makes it stand apart from the rest. No doubt, the tourists prefer to visit India for different reasons. All thanks to the availability of inventive and improved technology, hair transplant is gaining popularity in Punjab.

    Well, the number of patients are not just domestic, even the international patients get their medical visa to save their hair locks. Dr. Mohan Singh is a renowned doctor in Punjab giving quality hair transplant services at an affordable cost. You must be wondering what makes him and India a notable country to seek treatment for hair restoration. Being a surgical procedure and edge-cutting technology, it cannot be categorized as ‘One’s thing’ that everyone can give you the same results. For better and effective results – Choosing the best is important, and there is no way you can compromise on that part.

    Reasons India is a great travel destination to get Hair transplantation

    Reason 1: Accomplished expert and technological advancements

    The Indian Medical fraternity is at its peak and always coming up with the best of technology. The hair restoration surgeons in India are in-demand of their skills and understanding towards the treatment. Their knowledge and ability to handle the surgical plan is what makes them highly preferred among international patients. Whether you talk about technology and the use of equipment, every approach used is ‘Modern & Safe’.

    Reason 2: India – The hub of latest medical procedures

    There is no denying the fact that you can call it a hub. Every new and improved technology you talk about is available in our country. Some of the most advanced hair restoration procedures are FUE, FUT, BHT, and much more. You know what the Indian surgeons don’t hit a ‘Shot in the dark.’ When you visit the best hair transplant clinic, you will get the most worthy results. To have a better understanding of how the patients have a good experience you should check the case studies.

    *Spare out some time & have a look at some of the case studies

    Here you can have a look at Dr. Mohan Singh expertise shown on the patients dealing with hair loss. or you can go through his youtube channel where patients are talking about their experience.

    Reason 3: Affordable cost

    Medical tourists get highly attracted to undergo hair transplant in India because of the affordable cost. The cost of hair restoration in Punjab. Well, when you visit any part of India you will get the highly advanced surgical procedure and side by side you can explore different places as a tourist. You know what, ‘It’s like having chocolate in both hands.’

    Reason 4: Quality Care & patient-first approach

    Indians are known for their welcoming and hospitable nature. The same care you will get when you schedule your initial consultation with a renowned doctor for hair restoration. Never will there be a moment that you feel like the quality is compromised or you are left in the dark by the doctor & helping staff.


    For a wholesome experience, get your Indian medical visa today only. Before coming to India you can have a talk or conversation with our doctor. Fill the form by mentioning all the necessary details Or Give us a call at Phone No: +91-98880-35555 & Phone No: +91-98880-45555

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