Does hair transplant treatment leave behind any scar? How to remove the scar?


    Does hair transplant treatment leave behind any scar? How to remove the scar?

    Medical advancements have proven to be a boon for individuals struggling with hair loss and baldness. It is right to say that with time, the Hair Transplant in Punjab has improved to a great extent or you can say it keeps on getting better with time. The demand for hair transplant procedures is booming to a great extent because of the results it provides, affordable hair transplant cost, and many other great factors. The hair transplant treatment can be performed in different methods like FUE and FUT, in which the scar is left behind the scalp. The amount of scarring which will be left on the scalp will be determined by different factors like:

    • Surgeon experience
    • Surgeon skills

    With both the methods the scarring is in a distinct manner. If you are worried about the same, then you need to schedule your initial consultation with the doctor to better analyze the entire situation.

    Overview of the hair transplant procedure

    • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

    During FUT, the scalp strip is removed from the donor area along with the scalp back. Talking about this procedure then it leaves a linear scar and the length of the same will be different depending on how your treatment plan is done. In this procedure, stitches are needed which are removed after 10 days.

    • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

    During FUE, the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the back of the scalp with the use of a micro-punch tool. With this procedure, tiny scars are left on the scalp which is not noticeable with naked eyes. No stitches are required in this procedure.

    What to do about the hair transplant scar?

    Hair transplant scar removal methods

    With the advancement in technology, various things have come to life or you can say there are many things which we did not imagine about. Although, their effectiveness is not that much, and even when these are done some scarring might be left. Withal, the ideal scar removal option is by grafting hair follicles with the FUE method by using the FUT scar. It’s better that you talk to the doctor about which method is best for you. Let’s talk through the methods which are great for scar removal:

    Scar removal method 1: Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

    This method is referred to as scalp hair tattooing which is a permanent method and the hair color will be put into the scalp. Through these, you will get the look of having thicker hair. This option works great if the scars are left behind by the FUE or FUT method.

    Scar removal method 2: Tricopigmentation (TMP)

    TMP is a temporary approach to SMP. With this, semi-permanent ink is used by injecting it into the dermis layer. This procedure can be between 6 months to 3 years.

    Scar removal method 3: Laser therapy

    Laser therapy is used along with TMP and SMP which greatly reduces the scar appearance after the procedure. The laser used will damage the skin which has a scar on it. It is effective for improving the skin appearance for the better.

    Are you looking for a hair transplant?

    If you want to undergo a hair transplant then schedule your initial consultation with our health expert to get the customized treatment plan to get the best results you have always wished for.

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