Evaluating Your Hair Removal Approaches- Laser Vs. IPL Hair Removal


    Evaluating Your Hair Removal Approaches- Laser Vs. IPL Hair Removal

    Hair elimination is a definite practice among modern women. Luckily enough, there are several hair removal procedures that women can count on to live hair free for a long period of time.

    Among the most effective hair removal approaches in the modern world are; Laser Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal. Do you desire to use any of these two advanced hair removal approaches, let’s primarily evaluate them;

    What is Laser Hair Removal & What is IPL Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser Hair Removal is far an excellent hair removal technique widely used today. The laser hair removal approach emits a concentrated wavelength of light, which penetrates the skin to the bottom of the hair follicles.

    The laser light was designed to selectively destroy the melanin pigment found in the hair follicles. The laser hair removal procedure is effective, precise and excellent for all degrees of hair.

    On the other hand, IPL isn’t a laser and it works by releasing a wide spectrum of light that penetrates the skin. The absorbed wavelength of light will diffuse the hair follicles, thereby destroying them. Although a definite hair removal technique, not all the emitted light targets the hair and this may limit its application.

    Let’s Evaluate Each Technique’s EffectivenessLet’s Evaluate Each Technique’s Effectiveness

    The Laser Hair Removal Approach

    It is currently believed to be the most effective hair removal approach for both men and women.

    • It is associated with greater efficacy
    • A patient will require several settings depending on the amount of hair he or she has.
    • The laser hair removal procedure stops the hair from growing. This means that you will enjoy the results for a longer period of time.
    • The laser hair removal technique works on all areas of the body, such as underarms, the bikini region, the back, the face, among other regions.
    • It is associated with minor side effects that disappear in a few days
    • It works on various types of hair, but the doctor will have to select the right laser type before the treatment.

    The laser technique is expensive but worth it.

    The IPL Hair Removal Approach

    • You will require a few treatment sessions with IPL since it directly stops hair from growing
    • It is associated with minor pain
    • It is ineffective on thick and coarse hairs, meaning that a patient may have to consider other hair removal approaches.

    Consider an evaluation before any hair removal treatment approach for greater results.

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