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Most Common Questions about Tattoo/Birth Mark Removal

What is Tattoo Removal? The tattoo removal process is performed to remove an unwanted tattoo from your body parts. This is the treatment which can be performed with the help of surgical processes such as laser surgery and dermabrasion. This is a totally secure and safe procedure which is useful to remove tattoo permanently. Does […]


Is It Possible To Remove Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow tattoos are considered stubborn so it becomes difficult sometimes to remove them. There are only a few centres that are successful in providing tattoo removal procedure safely and effectively with the laser treatment. Like other tattoos, eyebrow tattoo can also be removed but with caution as it is on the delicate part of the […]


FAQ on Tattoo Removal Treatment in India

Sometimes we take decisions in life, but regret at the later stages of the life. One type of such a decision is the Tattoo making. Now-a-days, Tattoo is not the big deal of the life. People often get tattoo but they regret at the later stages of life. Then, there is good news for this […]