FUE Ranks Firsts In The League Of Hair Transplantation Procedures


    FUE Ranks Firsts In The League Of Hair Transplantation Procedures

    FUE is one of the most advanced & result-oriented hair transplant procedures. People of Punjab consider it as the younger brother of the FUT procedure.

    What Mistakes Do People Make?

    Although People of Punjab are open-hearted in spending the money. But when it comes to the hair transplant cost, they start judging the FUE and the FUT approaches with the money aspect which is the wrong thing.

    The Right Way To Choose The Procedure

    First of all, it is none of the hair loss patient’s business to do EENIE MEENIE MOE with the hair transplant approaches. It is wholly the decision of the cosmetic surgeon as he is the one who takes all the possible and required things into account to make sure the patient is achieving the right and the desired results.

    What Is FUE? How Is It Different From FUT?

    The initial differentiation, we can do with the full forms of these acronyms. The full form of FUE Is Follicular Unit extraction while that of the FUT is Follicular Unit Transplantation.


    It is the procedure that allows the doctors in Punjab to extract the grafts of the hair follicles from the scalp. These are then sent to the lab so that it can be found out whether the extracted hair will survive in the scalp or not. Once the lab experts give the green signal that the hair grafts can be used for the transplantation in the scalp then the doctor would use the micro punching tool in the terminating stage that is transplantation. This approach of hair transplantation is quite advanced as compared to FUT.


    In this procedure, the strips of the skin containing hair follicles are removed from the scalp and are then sent to the lab for follicle separation. The transplantation is quite complex than FUE.

    Key Points

    • It takes less time to recover in case of the FUE procedure.
    • The scar does not form on the skin. If formed initially, then they will fade off on their own.
    • FUE procedure is less discomforting as compared to FUT.

    Do’s And Don’ts Of Aftercare

    Be it FUE or FUT, both procedures require the patients to take very good care of themselves. If you do not know, how to do it, then we are here for you:


    • Make sure that you are eating highly nutritious food.
    • You have to keep yourself stress-free.
    • Spend a good time in the lap of nature.
    • Do follow the instructions of your hair care specialist.
    • Ise only those cosmetic products which the doctor have recommended you.
    • Take your medications on time and regularly.
    • Wear a hat or scarf while going out in the sun.


    • Do not sleep flat. Place a pillow underneath your neck so that there comes an elevation in your sleeping position.
    • Do not eat spicy food
    • Do not let your transplanted hair bother with the strenuous activities
    • Do not go outside bareheaded
    • Do not wash your hair until the doctor suggests.
    • Do not use any random oil for hair oiling.

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