Everything You Need To Know About – Hair Transplantation & Scarring


    Everything You Need To Know About – Hair Transplantation & Scarring

    Various kinds of surgical techniques are being used to make sure that the patients who have undergone the hair transplant in Punjab to achieve No-SCAR look after the procedure. Here in this blog, we are going to talk about hair transplants and scarring.

    Note: The hair transplant cost is different for each patient. It is thoroughly emphasized by the cause of the hair loss, the surgical technique to be used and the medical condition to be taken into account.

    FUT Process

    There are so many procedures that may either lessen or completely vanish the scars that have come into origin through FUT Procedure. The success of the procedure is definite but it cannot be guaranteed since some scarring is sure to remain.

    FUE Process

    Another option for scar removal can be thought of as FUT scar which makes use of the FUE method. To know how effective is this solution, try to figure out the thickness of the scar. The thinning of the scar tissue can be done with the help of medications.

    Hair transplant & The Scar Removal Process

    In so many cases, the hair transplant procedure has worked wonders for getting rid of the scarring issues. But to determine whether a patient is a good candidate for undergoing scar removal with the help of hair transplants is dependent on so many factors which are as follow:

    How thick are the scars?

    In case, the scars are extremely thick, then they are making the ability of the scalp to be compromised by not letting them grow the hair. There are so many kinds of techniques that not only improve the thickness of the scarring but also help them to be more receptive to receiving the new hair follicles.

    How thin are the scars?

    Other kinds of scars are so thin that they cannot even get transplanted. The medical term which is used for such a thing is atrophy. There are extremely atrophic that new hair follicles can not be achieved. When it is decided that we are to proceed with the atrophic scars, then the number of techniques for the growth and the uptaking of transplanted hair to be improved.

    How much blood should be supplied to the scars?

    Sometimes it is the scarring process in the scar that can lessen the supply of the blood to the area and the chances of successfully uptaking the hair follicles gets reduced. There are so many techniques like the use of the minoxidil in its preoperative period or the postoperative period that improves the flow of the blood in the scarred area.

    Final Comments!

    If you want to know the procedures with the help of which the scars can be lightened, then please stay tuned with our upcoming blogs. We have lot more to share with you in our upcoming blogs and articles.

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