Is it possible to Remove a Sleeve Tattoo


    Is it possible to Remove a Sleeve Tattoo

    In the present scenario, many masses are having craze to design tattoos on their bodies because they want to update them with the western trend. As they feel it not only acts as a status symbol but also helps to enhance the physical appearance of the person.

    Nowadays, youngsters are having craze to embed a sleeve tattoo on their body and now they are having regret about their decision and they may wonder what are the possible ways to remove it completely or cover it with any distinct artwork. There is an effective way of removing a tattoo that is tattoo removal Punjab. Ink doubt acts as the best tattoo removal technique. 

    Having the tattoo in the first place consumes a huge investment of time and funds but the removal process also consumes a lot of time to eradicate the tattoo from a large portion. But it can be performed and give positive results as a consumer wants.


    It may take a plethora of sessions to eradicate tattoos which is embedded in the body as compared to the sleeve tattoo as it takes a few sessions to be designed. Removing the tattoo from the area it includes many factors and the session number for each tattoo will change. The factors comprise of:-

    • skin type and color of patients
    • tattoo duration means how long it was there on the patient’s body
    • where the tattoo was embedded and what is the size of the tattoo
    • what are the ink colors used in the tattoo

    It is an undeniable fact that the longer and the larger tattoo is the more sessions it will consume. Moreover, darker colors consumed in tattoos are also consumed more time to remove. Ink doubt laser tattoo is a method that detects how many sessions it will require to remove the tattoo


    Tattoos are considered to be permanent and some masses are wondering how it is possible to remove the tattoo and one of the most proficient leaders dealt with a new technology

    named INK DOUBT, which helps the tattoo to get rid off or fade them at least a bit. But if it is used by an inexperienced person then it may harm the person’s body. 


    INK doubt technique is the way to remove or lighten up the designed tattoo. It consumes more time to get rid of it as well as it involves more pain as compared to designing the tattoo on the body. The outcomes of removing the tattoo are as below:-

    1. Itching
    2. Scabbing
    3. Bruising
    4. Warming sensation
    5. Swelling
    6. Pain and tenderness
    7. Redness

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