Cell phone is bringing disturbance on skin


    Cell phone is bringing disturbance on skin

    When you awake in the morning and feel the state of horror in front of the mirror, wondering how did you get acne suddenly. The blame goes to the shiny smartphone, when you use your phone, you are actually rubbing oils, old makeup, and bacteria in your skin.

    Influences on skin

    1) Acne: The major issue related to cell phones is acne. A majority of people are not aware of that when they use phones by touching their face and then the screen of the phone roll up all the makeup, sweat or any cream you have applied.

    2) Allergies: If there are rashes on the sides of cheeks, it will lead to a high possibility of having an allergic reaction.

    3) wrinkles: Continuously looking down at the cell keyboard for long period of time leads to wrinkles at the area underneath the chin and the neck.

    4) Dark Spots: The cell phone is a mechanical device that produces heat for long time usage. During over-usage, overheating of the phone can cause dark spots on your face.

    5)Under eye circles: Most people use the phone before going to sleep, this habit disturbs their sleep cycle and reason for undereye circles.

    Possible solutions:

    • clean your phone at regular intervals

    • try to use earphone or headphone.

    • Cover your phone in plastic case along with a protector

    • avoid long time use of cell phones

    • switch off your cell phone before going to sleep

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