Can my Eczema disappear with Tanning and Controlled UV rays?


    Can my Eczema disappear with Tanning and Controlled UV rays?

    As many wait for the summer time to properly strip and head to the beach for fun, others are yearning for the summertime to treat, cure, and erode their Eczema. According to some individuals, summertime is the perfect time to just lay down in the sand and expose the Eczema affected skin. The UV rays are said to calm and as well eliminate this skin condition whose cause is generally unknown.

    What is Eczema?

    It is a common skin condition during infancy, but can appear even in adults (some). It is characterised by redness, itching, and peeling skin (scaly) that at times forms blisters. The severity of this condition differs from one individual to another.

    However, according to many, apart from visiting the dermatologist, heading to the beach for natural tanning is vital when treating Eczema. According to research, this works for some people, whereas it is ineffective for others. It should also be noted that this habit increases UVA exposure to the skin, which may speed up the aging process in individuals

    Light Therapy or Phototherapy is a common procedure used to eliminate Eczema in a dermatologist clinic. The procedure is one of the best skin treatment in India and excellent in numerous ways, such as,

    • It is an anti-inflammation treatment

    • Antibacterial

    • Increases Vitamin D production

    • Capable of boosting the immune system

    The natural sunlight will give you vitamin D, which is essential in many ways for the body, but uncontrolled exposure to the sun may cause diverse issues that can’t be solved in easily. Talk to a dermatologist to get the best solutions for your Eczema.

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