What a wonderful dermatologist!


    What a wonderful dermatologist!

    Doctor Mohan has been my dermatologist for almost a decade now. He is now a family dermatologist since my children and anyone related to me ends up in his hospital. His multidisciplinary skin disease hospital and hair transplant centre are at a world class standard. I have watched the doctor upgrade from one state of technology to another. His well-trained team is one thing that motivates me to stay in touch with the dermatologist.

    I recommended my friend who is suffering from Vitiligo to Dr. Mohan. She was already stressed out by the time I got to know about her worsening skin problem (Vitiligo). She had kept indoors for a month after the last two dermatologists were of no big help.

    When my friend reached out to Dr. Mohan, she got new hope and believed that she would recover. It is now 3 months since she got Melanocyte transplantation. We are hopeful that she would regain her former natural skin color.

    Another thing was about my acne breakout. It was burdensome and got complicated when it left Atrophic scars on my face and neck. With Dermabrasion, I was able to get rid of the acne scars. I am so grateful for Dr. Mohan.

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