Why should you visit Dr Mohan’s Skin and Hair Centre for cosmetic surgeries?


    Why should you visit Dr Mohan’s Skin and Hair Centre for cosmetic surgeries?

    Dr Mohan Skin and Hair Centre is one of the highly recognized centres to help patients with the advanced cosmetic procedure performed with the latest technological equipment. The patients gathering faith in the hair transplant in Punjab is booming regularly.

    The readers might be wondering, what is so special with the cosmetic procedures provided at Dr, Mohan’s Skin and Hair Centre.

    If you want to have the answer for this stay tuned with our blog:

    Cost-efficient procedure

    Before anything else, people look whether the treatment they are going to take up is fitting in their pockets or not. We knew this thing in the beginning and thus we always frame the individualized but economical treatment plan so that the patient does not have to think even twice about whether he should proceed with the procedure or not. Hair transplant cost has always been economical.

    The result-oriented approach

    After paying for the cost of the hair transplantation procedure, patients often grow curious to know whether the money paid will come out to be worth it? Whether they would be able to enjoy the scalp full of volumized hairs?

    If you are taking treatment from Dr Mohan Skin and Hair centre, be assured of getting the proper results.

    The right technique is used

    Our staff is experienced and has expertise in performing all kinds of hair transplantation techniques. We always choose the technique based on the patient’s medical condition, the intensity of the hair loss and the dimensions of the donor and the recipient region.

    • We guide you throughout the procedure
    • We do not concede the procedure accomplished until the recovery period is not over. Since we believe that 50% of the results are gained from the recovery period. So it becomes our responsibility to guide the patient throughout the recovery period as well.

    You can seek help anytime

    After the recovery period, it does happen that the patients want to ask a variety of things. Like:

    • May I wash my hair?
    • How should I wash my hair?
    • Can I drink or eat XYZ?
    • Can I resume my work?

    Some things which the patient forgets to discuss in the follow-up sessions can be discussed on the phone. And don’t worry, our team of doctors always make sure that we reach out to every customer on time.

    We make you believe in the realistic expectations

    It is a fact that a hair transplant procedure does not help you with instant results. You have to wait for a good 8 months to encounter the results which you want. The doctors at our clinic do clear this thing with the patients in the beginning so that no clue for falsified expectations is left.

    Final Comments!

    If you are also willing to take up some kind of cosmetic procedure for enhancing your looks, then do consult us for the initial consultation. Trust us, we shall always guide you with the right thing. We will never let you take up something which should not be opted for.

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