Returning to work after undergoing a hair transplant at Dr. Mohan’s Skin and Hair Centre


    Returning to work after undergoing a hair transplant at Dr. Mohan’s Skin and Hair Centre

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    Patients who have undergone a Hair transplant in Punjab at Dr. Mohan’s Skin and Hair Centre often get worried about, ‘When can they get back to their normal working routine after the treatment?’ Indeed! It is important to know about the downtime and what are signs that you are recovering?

    Dr. Mohan Singh will ensure that during the consultation you get detailed information about your treatment plan, your concern about the hair transplant cost is addressed, get proper support for after-care, and any doubt is cleared right away. We make sure that the patient gets the best information about the entire treatment plan. This is the reason, we always talk through them during the consultation to reach the best solution to save the patient’s hair locks.

    Dr. Mohan Singh Suggestions: Tips to return to work regime

    For returning to the daily work regime as early as possible, it is essential that you keep in mind the tips recommended by our experienced doctor:

    • Get enough rest after the surgery
    • Give your body enough time to recover
    • Ideally, wait for 10 to 14 days to get back to your office life
    • Make sure to cover the scalp, so that the grafts are not affected
    • Apply the medications and solutions given by the doctor, if any

    What happens after the hair transplant surgery?

    WAITING TIME! One of the most difficult times but when you choose to get the treatment from Dr. Mohan Singh, you can expect only and only the ‘Pain-free experience’. The initial hair growth is expected to be visible within 3 months.

    In the first 3 days, there is swelling & discomfort which will fade away quickly.

    Before going back to your work life, you need to follow the after-care regime. If you have any doubt, then talk to the doctor right away.

    When can I resume my office after a hair transplant?

    At least wait for 5 days to undergo a hair transplant. By this time, you are able to notice the possible signs of recovery. At this point, the redness & swelling after the surgery will start to fade away which means you are getting better. Additional tips to take after the hair transplant surgery:

    • If you don’t have any choice and you have to step out of the house, then you should cover the scalp. Make sure that the scalp does not get in contact with sunlight. Doing so will result in sunburn and the implanted grafts are affected.
    • In case, at your workplace you need to wear a tight-fitted cap then it’s better that you get some rest. No need to comprise the results as it will affect the hair grafts extensively.

    How long does it take for the hair grafts to become secure?

    14 days! You need to wait for at least weeks to be at peace of mind that the new grafts are placed on their position safely.

    Are you planning to get a hair transplant?

    If you are planning to undergo a hair transplant, then schedule your initial consultation with our hair expert to see what wonders the new and advanced hair restoration & our doctor’s brilliance can do for your hair.

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