All About Mesotherapy – Mechanism, Benefits And Eligibility


    All About Mesotherapy – Mechanism, Benefits And Eligibility

    Mesotherapy is a pain relief method that follows a minimally invasive approach. It is the kind of treatment that takes the injection of the following nutrients into account so that the cells of the particular area can be regenerated:

    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
    • Amino Acids

    Here are some of the areas which help in the reduction of the fat tissues:

    • Reduction of the fat tissue
    • Getting rid of the cellulite
    • Reshaping the entire body
    • Treatment of the spots and scars
    • Prevent hair loss

    Note: The treatment of the different areas requires distinctive drugs and formulas.

    Mesotherapy and FUE hair transplant

    • Before Hair Transplant

    For the protection of the existing hair before carrying out a hair transplant in Punjab, it is only mesotherapy that will prove to be highly effective. Apart from that, it helps with the following:

    • Thickening of the hair strands
    • Having not only bright but the shiny hair
    • Prevention of the various hair loss problems

    Note: Do not think that the hair transplant cost will be increased to a considerable extent if the mesotherapy is incorporated along with it. The cost may rise a bit, but not that much.

    • After Hair Transplant

    Once the hair transplantation procedure is accomplished, it is the mesotherapy only which not only accelerates the angiogenesis but supplies the hair grafts with the various kinds of growth factors.

    It is considered as one of the most advantageous methods in getting recovered at a faster rate.

    Which application approach is followed in the case of mesotherapy?

    It requires the application of the injection to the affected areas. The targeted site is applied with the local anaesthesia before the injections are to be administered.

    Is mesotherapy procedure painful?

    Before the procedure, the patient is administered various pain relievers and anaesthetic products to make sure that the patient does not have to step out of his comfort zone.


    • It is one of the best techniques in protecting the existing hair
    • It is considered as the most useful in comparison with the other hair care methods
    • If it is considered to be used against dandruff, then successful results are obtained
    • It preserves the colour of the hair and provides it with the next level of shine, vitality and volume.
    • It extends the life of the hair
    • The hair strands can get strengthened and thickened with this

    Which candidates are eligible for undergoing Mesotherapy?

    Mesotherapy can be considered suitable for all patients suffering from hair loss because:

    • Of some kind of genetic predisposition to hair loss
    • Sudden Hair Loss due to the intake of the poor diet

    Apart from that, this technique works wonders for the patients who are complaining of weak and women out hair.

    Did you know?

    People of any age can undergo this minimally invasive procedure. Also, the patients who ate succumbed to some kind of autoimmune disease can undergo this without any fear of suffering from the complications.

    Which patients can not undergo this technique?

    The patients who are suffering from the following are not suitable or undergoing mesotherapy:



    Apart from that, breastfeeding women and those who take anticoagulants should not undergo this.

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