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The Mystery of Vitiligo & Garlic: Could This Be A Stepping Stone To Eliminate the Skin Disorder?

Vitiligo affects people regardless of their colour, ethnicity, nationality or beliefs. The skin condition is common in all age groups including children. Vitiligo is believed to be an autoimmune disorder but its exact cause is unknown. It is generally defined as a condition where white patches develop on the skin. This occurs when the melanocyte […]

Vitiligo: Self-Esteem & Confidence Matters

Vitiligo is actually more than hypopigmentation or the mere development of white spots on the skin. Any of these skin conditions can easily fade with time, but vitiligo manifests itself with a different story. Although painless, vitiligo exerts a great amount of psychological turmoil characterized by frustration, self-pity, shame, embarrassments, humiliation, anxiety, personal insecurities, and […]

Is there Anything Wrong With Facial Hair Removal Procedures?

Ideally, numerous hair removal procedures have existed for decades and currently, we are just witnessing a new blend of cost-effective procedures like laser body hair removal. At times referred to as a luxury and quite expensive, yet with certain side effects, some females still opt for traditional procedures. Generally, a woman shouldn’t flaunt her body […]

6 Effective Skin Care Tips for Men

When it comes to skin care, women automatically take the trophy, but these days, men are also competing for the same. Traditionally, for a man to beautify himself or spend so much time in a mirror was obviously awkward and it became a major concern for those around him, but gone are the days!. In […]

Vital Steps to Say Goodbye to Acne Scars

Acne outbreaks aren’t that deadly when compared to Ebola, Hepatitis A or Avian Influenza (H7N9), but the worst tale of the condition is experienced with the scars left behind. Acne scars will certainly lower your self-esteem, confidence and leave your face down as you certainly can’t look into people’s eyes. As per studies, acne is […]

Facial Steaming- How Important Is It?

Your skin is a delicate organ, yet it perseveres through unbearable conditions characterized by pollution, chemical burns, sunburns among others. In an effort to help your facial skin stay hydrated, youthful and pleasing, facial steaming should become a part of you, and no wonder, many skin clinics or dermatology centres provide the service. What is […]