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9 Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal You Must Know

As women, we definitely desire a beautiful appearance and that means that every irregularity of the skin must be dealt with. Unwanted body hair is one of the most dealt with issue in women today, though men also find themselves battling with unwanted hair. Hirsutism is one of the commonest problems in women today, an […]

लेज़र से बाल हटाना

बाल हटाने के लिए सबसे प्रभारी एवं नयी तकनीक है लेज़र तकनीक | इससे स्थाई तौर पर अनचाहे बाल हटाए जा सकते हैं | विदेशों में यह तकनीक बहुत जायदा उपयोग की जाती है | यह बालों को रोम के अंदर से जड़ समेत नष्ट कर देता है , जिस कारण बाल दोबारा जल्दी नहीं […]

What Are The Different Types Of The White Spots?

There are some people who experience white spots on their face. Sometimes, these white spots are also appearing on the chest and the arms. White spots are normally taking the different forms. Sometimes, it is in the form of the patches, discoloration on the face or small hard humps. You can consult the best dermatologist […]

What Are The Natural Treatment for The Eczema?

Itching, blisters, swelling and red bumps are the common sigs of the Eczema. This is also known as the inflammation of the skin. This disease doesn’t have the major risk to the health. But this is the uncomfortable situation for the person who is suffering from this disease. This problem is commonly found in the […]

Vitiligo – Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

VITILIGO PROBLEM VITILIGO is the long-term problem with growing patches. In this disease, your skins lose the color of the skin. It can affect the people of any age and gender. This disease arises when the melanocytes of the skin die. Melanocytes are the cells, which are responsible for producing the skin pigmentation. These cells […]

Are Warts Harmful For Your Body?

Warts are the benign tumors that can be occurred in any age. Sometimes, warts give discomfort to the sufferer .this may also indicate some health problems. If you are suffering from the wart problem, you consult the best dermatologist in Phagwara for the best and ultimate warts removal treatment in India. Wart has the same […]

What Are The Various Treatments To Cure The Wart?

What are warts, and what causes them? A wart is the skin disease that is caused by the different types of the virus called HPV. This affects the top layer of the skin. Then it is entered in the broken skin. The virus affects the top layer of the skin and forms the wart. There […]