What is Hormonal Acne And When Does it happen?


    What is Hormonal Acne And When Does it happen?

    The term hormonal when we listen we think about the changes that occur in the teenagers. It is very common that they get the acne but it is also true that it can occur at any age. This actually occurs when hormones changes and that change is not managed by the body in an effective way. In this guide, we will discuss what exactly it is and when it happens?

    What is hormonal acne?

    Hormonal acne refers to the acne which occurs because of hormonal changes. This especially causes an increase in androgen levels such as testosterone. Although, they commonly occur in teenagers they still can occur at any age in our lives.

    Well, there are many reasons which can result in acne from puberty to stress. You can’t control the changes in the hormone but you can treat your skin in a better way to control the problem. Sometimes in adults, the imbalance leads to acne because of some type of medical condition.

    When does it happen?

    Here, we are going to discuss the reasons why it actually happens.


    In teenagers, this issue is very common and it is the most common skin condition in the world. This is because, in teenagers, the testosterone level increases a lot in both male and females. The increase in testosterone leads to the production of sebum which can result in clogged pores. Many teenagers get affected by the problem which can lead to a mental and serious health condition. It is essential that we treat the problem normally. It is essential that you visit the skin doctor for acne treatment if the problem is increasing a lot.


    Some studies have shown that pregnancy can also lead to this problem. No doubt, your skin will shine a lot but along with that, it causes an increase in oil production because of the high level of testosterone. Speak to your doctor about acne scar treatment when you are dealing with acne while you are pregnant.


    Acne gets encouraged a lot during menstruation because hormonal changes are occurring in the body. It actually results in a prominent drop in the estrogen level. The body is already not producing enough amount of testosterone and also there is not enough amount of estrogen to keep a balance with testosterone level.

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

    One of the health conditions which affects the ovaries and linked with hormone is PCOS. But, it is not clear why it happens and how to diagnose the issue. Additionally, the symptoms can vary a lot from person to person. It can result in acne because it is insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means the body is not performing in the right way. In some cases, it can increase the testosterone production which can lead to sebum and then finally acne.

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