Are Warts Harmful For Your Body?


    Are Warts Harmful For Your Body?

    Warts are the benign tumors that can be occurred in any age. Sometimes, warts give discomfort to the sufferer .this may also indicate some health problems. If you are suffering from the wart problem, you consult the best dermatologist in Phagwara for the best and ultimate warts removal treatment in India. Wart has the same resemblance as a small nodule. HPV is the causing agent of the warts problem. Warts commonly occur through the transmission methods like household and sexes. Warts have commonly occurred due to the deficiencies in the human body.

    Types of warts: There are the various types of warts. Warts have commonly occurred in different parts of the body but it has commonly occurred on the arms, legs, and genitals.

    • Vulgar warts: This is the common form of warts. Vulgar warts are the dry convex formations on the skin. Its size is of the pea size. This type of the wart is generally painless.

    • Plantar warts: these are commonly found in different people. These are found on the toes and areas where the shoes are tight. This type of the wart is responsible for creating discomfort among the patient body part. Usually, the person suffers a large amount of the pain while walking.

    • Flat warts: the third kind of the wart is the flat wart. This is commonly found among the children and adolescents. These are the pain fewer warts and commonly found in the hands and fingers of the children.

    • Genital warts: these are commonly found in the genitals of both men and the women. You can only get rid of this type of warts by using the proper elementary rules of hygiene. These types of the warts are responsible for creating the larger groups.

    • Filiform warts: These warts are having skin appendages. This is mostly found around the mouth, nose and the neck, this also found in the armpits, eyelids etc.

    • Keratomas: this type of the wart is commonly found in the old age people. This wart doesn’t have the viral origin.

    What are the various risks of warts?

    Most of the warts are disappeared without any treatment. The reason is that your immune system has a capacity to cope up with the manifestation of the HPV virus. But the virus is not to get rid of the body. It is still in your body. It has appeared as the new wart in the later stages of the life. Warts are the communicable diseases. It can spread from person to person.

    There are some warts that don’t give any discomfort to the sufferer but have hidden threat to the health of the person. Some of the examples are given below:

    • Sometimes warts are formed on the soles. It will hurt when you will walk.

    • There are some warts that are commonly found in those areas where there are more chances of the cause of the infection. If the wart is red, then there may be chances of pus in that wart.

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