Vitiligo: Self-Esteem & Confidence Matters


    Vitiligo: Self-Esteem & Confidence Matters

    Vitiligo is actually more than hypopigmentation or the mere development of white spots on the skin. Any of these skin conditions can easily fade with time, but vitiligo manifests itself with a different story. Although painless, vitiligo exerts a great amount of psychological turmoil characterized by frustration, self-pity, shame, embarrassments, humiliation, anxiety, personal insecurities, and future uncertainties.

    Self-esteem & Confidence in Vitiligo Patients

    Naturally, a man is made with a variety of senses and consciousness of the surroundings. With that, questions like these will blossom;

    • How Do I look?
    • What Do Others Say About me?
    • Am I Attractive or Beautiful?
    • Am I Worth Everything?
    • Will this Vitiligo Spread?
    • Will I Enjoy Life Again?

    These are some of the common questions vitiligo patients worry about apart from the insecurities that they deal with every single day. Generally, every man worries about his identity and other’s perception of his identity, but when it comes to vitiligo patients, these worries are escalated by pressure.

    Vitiligo & Mental Health

    Vitiligo in young individuals is associated with stress, pressure, shame, and depression. The mere fact that your own skin is turning against you is simply enough to wonder what you may have done wrong.

    The fear that comes with skin particular skin discoloration will also make you feel excluded and unwanted. With that, mental health is undoubtedly affected and as a patient, you ought to get help.

    Just like in the normal world, instances of loss of a loved one, battling incurable diseases, and the feeling of unwanted may trigger depression and addictions. Vitiligo has the same capacity of causing all this in case a patient obtains no help from a therapist or a psychologist.

    Vitiligo patients should know that there is no shame in sharing their feelings with a doctor or a trusted person. This will actually help them relieve a lot of stress and move on.

    Staying Positive

    On a large scale, vitiligo is known to be incurable, but the latest studies indicate an increased chance of curing vitiligo. Either way, whether you obtain this cure now or in the future, there is a need for positivity.

    Staying positive will help you live a normal life, free of self-pity, isolation, and misery.

    If opportunities come by to try the suggested treatments, take it up, but you must understand that some treatments may have aggravated side effects.

    There are millions around the world who have accepted who they are and live a lively life.


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