What Are The Various Treatments To Cure The Wart?


    What Are The Various Treatments To Cure The Wart?

    What are warts, and what causes them?

    A wart is the skin disease that is caused by the different types of the virus called HPV. This affects the top layer of the skin. Then it is entered in the broken skin. The virus affects the top layer of the skin and forms the wart. There are some warts that go away within the months or years. Warts can occur in any part of the body. Most of the common warts grow on the hands. There is one wart that grows on the sole of the feet.

    How warts spread?

    Warts have commonly happened when there is direct contact with Papillomavirus. Firstly, wart infects one part of the body. When you touch the wart and then again touch any other part of the body. Then it is also spread on that part also. It is also spread to another person by sharing towels, razors etc. once you suffer from the wart problem, then it takes months to solve this issue.

    What are the symptoms?

    • Warts come in different shapes and the sizes.

    • Some warts are of a bump with the rough surface.

    • Some may be flat and smooth.

    • Small blood vessels grow in the center of the wart in order to supply blood to the wart. This is commonly found in plantar warts and shows dark spots in the center of the wart.

    • Usually, warts are less painful. Usually, warts are commonly found in those areas where you put pressure. But wart on the finger and bottom of the foot is painful.

    How are warts treated?

    There are numbers of the treatment for curing the wart:

    • Acid: There is one kind of the acid called salicylic acid, which is the common treatment of the wart. This treatment is nor scary and it doesn’t hurt so much. But it stings just a little bit. You can also purchase a patch. This just looks like a bandage and have an acid inside it. Then put the wart in warm water for at least 10 minutes. After that, you buff the wart with the rough surface called an emery board. You can also rough wart with the special stone called pumice stone. This will help to soften the wart. Now the acids work better. Initially, it will peel away the skin and after that, it will peel away the wart too. You can also consult the best dermatologist in Phagwara for the best wart removal treatment in India.

    • Freezing: You can also remove the wart with cold spray treatment. This cold spray treatment can buy from any medical store. This spray will create the blister around the wart. Then both blister and the wart will fall off with the passage of the time. Don’t try to fall off warts with the ice cubes.

    • Taping: Sometimes Duct tape is used to treat warts. This is silver sticky tape and the best treatment of warts.

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