Various Treatments Available for Warts


    Various Treatments Available for Warts

    What are Warts?

    Warts are basically caused by viruses which are present in HPV known as Human papillomavirus. Additionally, these are also explained as skin growth on certain body parts. But the appearance of Warts depends on size, thickness, and location on your body. There are several types of warts in which plantar warts usually affects your feet whereas Palmar warts affect your hands. Moreover, this is not a common health or skin condition as compared to other skin infections.

    Treatment of Warts

    If you notice any sign of skin infection then immediately visit the specialist because these do not only appear on your hands and feet but also appear in the genital area. Warts treatment includes so many treatment options but according to location, type, and thickness of warts. Firstly your doctor examines you and your health condition then recommend any type of treatment.


    Freezing method is additionally known as Cryotherapy, which includes spray products. Additionally, this is done by your doctor with the help of nitrogen liquid in order to freeze a wart. If you are thinking to get this treatment at home then you may experience more pain and discomfort because you do not actually know how to treat Warts at home. Moreover, you should get this treatment under the supervision of a specialist so that you can get rid of warts easily.

    Minor surgery

    If you are suffering from too thick warts then you may need to get minor surgery with the goal to treat your skin condition. I9n this surgery your doctor will cut the wart and also destroyed the base of the wart so that you won’t face it again. This minor surgery is performed by an electric needle or freezing method.


    This is the kind of substance which actually apply to the affected skin and then this substance forms a blister around the wart. In addition, after applying the substance your doctor will cover your affected area with a bandage so that blister lifts the wart off.

    Laser treatment

    Laser treatment or surgery for wart includes the laser beam which directly destroys the wart forming tissue in your skin. This treatment is a totally safe and secure method to treat warts.

    Some other medications

    You can also use some other medications in order to destroy warts such as Salicylic acid, bleomycin, and imiquimod. These are also too effective medicines as other treatment options.

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