Tips To Improve Laser Hair Removal Results


    Tips To Improve Laser Hair Removal Results

    Some things are there which helps to improve the results of the laser hair procedure. In this guide we will discuss some of the best tips which will help to get the effective results.

    Many people are opting for laser hair removal treatment because of the way it provides benefit. If you have scheduled your appointment for the treatment then you should keep in mind some things Here are some tips which you should follow after getting the treatment.

       • Do not visit the gym, sauna, jacuzzi, and swimming pool

    If you are a fitness freak, love to visit the sauna, or regularly go to the swimming pool then you need to avoid these things and especially few days before the treatment also. Keep in mind when you will get the treatment the skin sensitivity will be affected. Your skin will need some days so that it can come to its normal state. So, it is recommended that you should avoid these things after getting the procedure for 24 to 48 hours.

       • Apply aloe vera gel on the treated area

    To get a soothing effect on the skin you can go with aloe vera gel. After the treatment, if there is inflammation, itching, or redness then it is very beneficial. It naturally has properties of healing, moisturizing, and soothing.

       • Do not apply makeup for the next two days

    Getting the treatment means it will open up the pores. This will leave tiny hair follicles on the face very sensitive and you might get irritation by using certain chemicals. This is why it is recommended that you should not apply any type of makeup product on the face or on the part where you got the treatment. Some of the product contains chemical so to avoid any issue you should avoid using any type of product which is not recommended by the doctor.

       • Make sunscreen your go to product

    You need to take proper care of your skin because it gets very sensitive. For this, applying sunscreen before you step out of your place should be the first thing you do. Make sure you buy the best quality sunscreen and apply it to the areas where you got the treatment.

       • Use lukewarm water in the shower

    In the shower, you should always use lukewarm water. Remember not to use hot water after you got the treatment. Use of cold water should be avoided because the skin is highly sensitive because of the laser. This might affect the healing process and the results will be affected.

       • Avoid Strenuous activity

    You should not involve in any type of activity will make you sweat a lot. Till the time skin is not healed completely do not put pressure on the body. If you are thinking to get the treatment then you can visit or hospital for getting laser hair removal in Punjab.

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