PRP Therapy to regrow hair; when should it be used?


    PRP Therapy to regrow hair; when should it be used?

    PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a nonsurgical hair restoration procedure earlier used in treating musculoskeletal conditions. After the various samples and research conducted about in it in the field of hair restoration, it was found that the treatment can stimulate hair growth and at least 50% results can be attained in just a few rounds.

    With PRP Therapy, a patient’s own blood is drawn from the body and later centrifuged to attain the concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma, which is injected into the scalp (the recipient or thinning region) to regrow hair. The procedure is commonly used by women since they try as much as possible to prevent surgeries, but also men can undergo PRP therapy.

    When does the treatment produce the best results?

    A consultation with a dermatologist before PRP Therapy treatment in India would evaluate a patient from every angle to know his or her candidacy.

    Minor hair thinning or baldness

    PRP Therapy is never recommended for those with extreme baldness or otherwise time and money would be wasted. The treatment works best in case there is minor or moderate hair loss and at least 3 or five treatment rounds are possible of producing the best results

    With a hair transplant

    This can also be termed as BIO-FUE where the transplanted region is directly injected with the platelets from your own blood. Hair transplant procedure boosts the hair results and produces stronger and as well as natural hair

    After a hair transplant

    Those who might have undergone an FUE or FUT hair transplant in the past may utilize PRP Therapy to rejuvenate the hair results. The procedure will stimulate the hair cells to produce more hair

    A PRP Therapy is administered by a dermatologist in only 10 minutes and it is completely an outpatient procedure. At times, local anesthesia is used

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