Prevention of Skin Tears


    Prevention of Skin Tears

    Skin tears are common with age because the skin gets drier and delicate. As the skin is not healthy and it stretches when you are in stress can come apart easily with little pressure. If you are not aware of it, read the given topic in detail to learn the tips to prevent skin tears.


    The skin tear is the avulsion form which happens when the skin gets thin and delicate. The problem is common as we age and blood vessels get sclerotic and the skin will have fewer nutrients and moisture in the skin tissue. You should consult the best skin doctor to get the treatment plan which works in your favor. 

    What are the ways to treat skin tears?

    The main aim of the treatment is to keep the wound infected and protect the surrounding tissues. This will keep it moist and it increases the healing process. In case, the skin flap is attached, you need to preserve it and get it back to where it was. Before the process is started, the hands need to be washed properly and gloves should be worn.

    • If there is bleeding, apply pressure and elevate it. Use the saline solution or tap water to rinse it. You should never use hydrogen peroxide as it makes things worse. 
    • The skin tear needs to air dry and never rub it. 
    • The skin tear should be covered with the right kind of dressing

    In case, the problem is very severe then you need to visit the skin clinic right away. If the problem is making you uncomfortable and there is infection then seek medical help right away. 

    How is dressing done for skin tears?

    Skin tears can have different types of dressings. The film dressing will have petroleum jelly gauze and Tegaderm. If you have delicate skin in the past then you need to use one of these. 

    Topmost tips to prevent skin tears

    • Your skin needs to be moist

    Dry skin can lead to skin tears and this is the most important way to prevent this problem. Do not use the soap which can make the skin dry and use a moisturizer 2 times a day. The delicate skin should be covered with cream or wrapped in a bandage. 

    • Keep the environment safe

    Skin tears happen when the environment is populated. You should not let the skin scratch due to furniture or a ring. 

    You need to keep the clutter away from the area and remove it if there is any kind of obstacle. You need to be mindful of all things which can scrape the skin. 

    • Wear right clothing type

    You need to wear simple clothing and prefer to wear long-sleeve shirts and long socks so that your skin does not get affected.

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