What Is A Lip Enhancement Procedure? Is It Safe?


    What Is A Lip Enhancement Procedure? Is It Safe?

    Having beautiful, perfect and rosy lips is like the god’s gift but people who do not have this perfect curve choose the medical procedures like Lip Enhancement Surgery to have the desired correction.

    People choose the Lip injections to have the perfect shape of their lips but they remain worried that these injections are safe for health or not? Even you could not have an idea that how much these injections will affect you? So let us discuss the possible risks or side effects of these injections

    What Is Lip Enhancement Procedure?

    Having pinkish lips with plump is a sign of good health and beauty so the persons who have thin lips or have some defects in lips they choose to enhance them and choose the medical options for lip enhancement. Fortunately, there are various medical procedures including surgical or nonsurgical that can help the patients to have a beautiful smile on their faces with beautiful lips.

    Lip injections are the synthetic o natural fillers that can help you to have the lips plump for a few months.  Some people choose the procedures like lip implants or lip lifts which are surgical and permanent options for enhancing the lips.

    Possible Side Effects Or Risks Associated With Lip Enhancement Procedures

    As per the reviews of the patients that have undergone Lip Enhancement have some complaints given about lip injections:

    • One patient, who had taken lip injections to counter wrinkles on upper or lower lips, who told about the results of this treatment. She told that initially, she had a fast recovery without any pain and results were also satisfactory but soon all results disappeared. She complained that after two weeks whole effect of this treatment was gone.
    • One patient also gave feedback that after few weeks of lip enhancement she had swollen and uneven lips for many weeks even after regular doctor’s visits.
    • One woman also told that after this treatment she had uncomfortable bumps inside of her lips even after many weeks of the treatment.

    Apart from above, there are many cases of patients that had experienced massive swelling occurred in the lips for few days of the treatment.  So it can be said that bruising, swelling, redness are the common risks associated the lip injections.

    Even doctors have also claimed that it is normal that patients have pain after the treatment that remains for a few days after the surgery but it is mild and manageable. Even some accidents can also be proved as the side effects of surgery like sometimes injection floods into the vein and blocks it. Infection or reaction of anesthesia can also be some side effects associated with these injections.

    Thus there are few potential side effects of the lip injections but all these risks can be mild or severe depending on different cases. Experience, knowledge, and skills of the surgeon can minimize these risks even up to zero so if you have chosen the best doctor for your lip correction then it is a safe procedure for you.

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