Is There any Difference Between Skin Hyperpigmentation and Hypo-Pigmentation


    Is There any Difference Between Skin Hyperpigmentation and Hypo-Pigmentation

    We are certainly defined by the appearance of the skin and with that matter, every slight change or irregularity is a concern. Whether a male or a female, a clear skin gives us a sense of pride among your fellows and the opposite is true. Skin Hyperpigmentation and Hypo-Pigmentation are some of the commonest skin problems that are regularly faced by a number of individuals, but is their actual cause?

    Skin Hyperpigmentation

    Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition where the skin becomes darker than it used to be. The condition may be characterized by dot-like marks or dark circular patches caused by excessive production of melanin. This type of skin discolouration is caused by;

    • Age

    It is uncommon to find elderly men and women with darkened patches in the face, hands and on their legs. These age spots are due to the excess production of melanin, sun exposure, and can develop due to other factors. A dermatologist may provide necessary skin care treatments to eliminate the dark spots or patches.

    • Sun Exposure

    This is the most common cause of skin discolouration, especially in the exposed regions like the face, hands, and legs. Tanning, where an individual openly exposes himself to the sun is another common cause of hyperpigmentation. Applying a sunscreen before heading out or limiting your movements during afternoon hours is necessary to limit sun exposure.

    • Skin or Beauty Products

    There are a variety of skin products or beauty products on the market, and all these are made with different chemical ingredients which reach the bloodstream. Skin experts explain that these beauty products may trigger hyperpigmentation in case one’s skin is sensitive to any chemical in the beauty product. It is best to use herbal products, or otherwise, meet a dermatologist before using any cosmetic product.

    • Chemical Exposure

    Individuals who work in factories have higher chances of developing darkened skin since they are directly exposed to chemicals. Wearing a headgear or covering your body thoroughly is essential during working hours.

    Other factors that can lead to skin hyperpigmentation include medications, medical conditions, bleaching or the skin among others.

    Skin Hypo-Pigmentation

    This is a type of skin discolouration in which it becomes lighter than it ought to be. The condition is believed to be triggered by the following factors;

    • Damaged Melanocyte cells

    The melanocyte cells in the body are responsible for producing melanin, a pigment that gives the skin it’s normal color. In case the cells are damaged, it will trigger a condition known as vitiligo witnessed by white patches on the skin.

    • Sun Exposure

    Tanning is the commonest form of hypopigmentation in individuals exposed to the sun. In this case, your skin will become lighter than earlier observed.

    • Pityriasis Alba

    This is a skin condition that affects children and young adults. Although its actual cause is unknown, sun exposure and poor hygiene can trigger pityriasis alba.

    • Steroid drugs

    Another cause of hypo-Pigmentation is believed to be the excessive use of steroids that can trigger white patches on the skin.

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