Breast Enlargement in Boys Blamed on Cosmetics. This is What You Need To Know


Breast Enlargement in Boys Blamed on Cosmetics. This is What You Need To Know

In waking life, there are a number of things that create a havoc when it comes to health and body image. Breast enlargement in boys and men is an escalating problem that has raised eyebrows among several medical fields and research organizations. Man boobs as they usually call them, are generally believed to be triggered by hormones. In other cases, this form of deformity is blamed on lifestyle, obesity, eating habits, genes among other factors. Recently, research has thrown more insight regarding man boobs or enlarged breasts in boys.

Attention! - Lavender & Tea Tree Oil And Gynecomastia

Attention! – Lavender & Tea Tree Oil And Gynecomastia

According to a research conducted on American boys, researchers found that boys who used cosmetics such as shampoos, gels, or lotions that contained lavender & tea tree oil developed what is termed as gynecomastia. According to the researchers, they still don’t know which particular chemicals in these essential oils can or triggered these changes. They said that once the chemicals are identified, they will need to be removed from the products to prevent the enlargement of breasts in males in general.

Researchers believe that these oils can disrupt the hormonal development of pre-pubescent boys causing them to grow breasts like women. They added that in case a parent identifies these changes, he or she should see a paediatrician or a general doctor immediately. Although it is common for 6 in 10 boys to develop temporary breast enlargement during puberty, it is rare for pre-pubescent boys to develop noticeable breasts, a condition termed as gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is generally common in men, but in case it occurs in pre-pubescent boys, this is totally alarming. Gynecomastia is generally termed as a condition where the glandular or breast tissue enlarges in size. Scientists believe that this is triggered by a disruption of sex hormone and this generally has a negative impact on the breast tissue. As explained earlier, the condition can also be triggered by a number of factors.

More Insight

More Insight

To ascertain whether these oils can trigger breast enlargement, scientists tested both lavender oil and tea tree oil on human breast cells. It was found that these two oils stimulated the breast cells to produce oestrogen and inhibit male sex hormones. Oestrogen is a female sex hormone responsible for many developments in women. Men too have less oestrogen.

When these boys stopped using these oils, it was found that their breasts returned to normal. Therefore, young boys and males have to be cautious about the products they use. As of now, products that contain these essential oils like soaps, shampoos, lotions, skin balm with lavender oil must be suspended. This is highly necessary in case you have a greater risk of developing gynecomastia.

Other Solutions for Man boobs “Gynecomastia” in India

Other Solutions for Man boobs “Gynecomastia” in India

Gynecomastia can become a permanent condition in case no treatment is taken. However worldwide and also in India, surgical intervention is the only solution to the enlarged breasts in men. Unlike in adults, a surgery isn’t recommended in boys since, at that point, the condition is temporary.

In case it persists despite the treatment approaches taken, a gynecomastia surgery in India is recommended to directly remove the breast tissue. Additionally, the surgeon may use liposuction or eliminate the excess skin in case required.

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