Best time to consult a doctor for varicose veins treatment


    Best time to consult a doctor for varicose veins treatment

    The problem of varicose veins is very common in women. This can make the veins appear blue in color. Additionally, while getting the treatment the patient should keep in mind the season. In this guide, we will discuss what is the best time to get the treatment for this issue.

    Managing the varicose veins successfully need proper planning. In the planning, you need to keep in mind all the advantages so that the results are effective. 

    Well, you need to include finding the best surgeon in your list to choosing the best season for treating the issue. 

    Our expert team of doctors and their experience have taught us that fall and winter weather is the best as it helps the patients to manage the symptoms properly as well as recovery is faster. 

    What are the reasons to start the treatment of varicose veins in cooler months?

    Best season for healing

    These veins are most commonly treated by compression stockings. This is because they fit perfectly and also maintain the blood flow as it helps in decreasing the pain as well as swelling. 

    Another reason is that no one would like to wear tight fitted clothes in the summer season. The best time to wear something cozy and comfortable is in winter & autumn weather. Additionally, after varicose veins treatment, UV rays and heat should be avoided. Whereas in winter weather the sun rays are very less which will not affect the results

    Insurance coverage cycle coincide with fall and winter weather

    In January, mostly the new insurance coverage starts. But, if you start the treatment in fall then it usually turns over and if the surgery is warranted with the preoperative treatment. Insurance turnover is essential if the patient has a yearly cap. 

    In most cases, the insurance company also ask for conservative treatment which will help you take therapy for longer. 

    Winter and fall treatment prepare leg for warmer weather

    Getting the treatment is winter or fall will help to prepare the leg in summer. This means you can wear your favorite pair of shorts and spend some time with family & friends on the beach or park. You will feel confident again as the treatment helps to make the legs look perfect again. 

    What do should know about varicose veins?

    As compared to men, women are mostly affected by this issue. The veins are actually not noticeable and they appear in bluish or purple color. If the treatment is not treated at the right time then it can result in different issues like:

    The patient suffers from leg pain which gives a feeling of heaviness, lower leg swelling, or heaviness. 

    It can lead to the issue of superficial thrombophlebitis which can form a blood clot in the smaller leg veins.

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