Is there Anything Wrong With Facial Hair Removal Procedures?


    Is there Anything Wrong With Facial Hair Removal Procedures?

    Ideally, numerous hair removal procedures have existed for decades and currently, we are just witnessing a new blend of cost-effective procedures like laser body hair removal. At times referred to as a luxury and quite expensive, yet with certain side effects, some females still opt for traditional procedures. Generally, a woman shouldn’t flaunt her body hair, since it is extremely disorderly, disgusting, and unconventional, however, with each body hair removal procedure, are there any side effects we need to know?

    • Shaving

    Shaving is one of the oldest body hair removal procedures for both men and women. Normally, shaving your face for the case of a woman isn’t recommended, but okay in males.

    The Good & the Bad of It

    You may shave your body in case it is the only accessible approach, but with this hair removal approach, you can easily cut yourself, something which can lead to irritation. Dermatologists also explain that it can lead to ingrown hairs, therefore, avoid shaving the face.

    • Threading

    Certainly the commonest facial hair removal procedure in India and quite inexpensive. Although the approach tends to be painful at first, the procedure is a walk over and can leave your face clear, neatly polished and shaped, especially for the eyebrows.

    However, dermatologists stress that threading may hike one’s chances of irritation and bruising in case she has a sensitive skin. Still, it is best for someone else to perform the job in case you are inexperienced at it.

    • Waxing

    Waxing is another common facial hair removal procedure and according to studies, waxed regions take at least 5 weeks to regrow hair in some individuals.

    The Good & the Bad

    With waxing, you are certain of removing hair from the root and in addition, it is quick. However, your choices as per the wax type matter, a liquid cream wax is known to directly pull out the hair without affecting the skin, but hard wax may pose more issues.

    On the other hand, waxing tends to be painful for a majority unless they get used to the procedure. Similarly, melted or hot wax can lead to skin irritation, burns, and ingrown hairs.

    • Hair Removal Creams

    Hair removal creams or gels are somehow common among women, but their usage should certainly depend on the region from which you are to remove the hair. Dermatologists confirm that hair removal creams are fast, inexpensive and also slow down hair growth. They also tend to leave your skin moisturized and happen to change the hair color.

    On the other hand, dermatologists don’t recommend using creams to eliminate hair from the face and in case one has a sensitive skin, it may leave your skin damaged.

    • Laser Hair Removal

    It is certainly trendy and for those who desire to get a package of benefits in one go, laser hair removal is the way forward. This cosmetic procedure basically uses a laser light that targets the pigment in the hair follicles thereby destroying them.

    The Good & the Bad

    Laser hair removal results tend to last for a longer period of time and also, your skin is left soft and smooth. It is a precise procedure and for optimum benefits, you have to schedule more treatment rounds depending on the amount of hair to be removed.

    On the other hand, the laser hair removal procedure is expensive, and one’s skin type is a major factor to consider before the procedure. There are also associated side effects such as irritation, bruising, hormonal imbalances in some individuals.

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