Alternative Treatments for Vitiligo


    Alternative Treatments for Vitiligo

    Vitiligo is an autoimmune problem in which the skin pigment cells are destroyed which results in white patches on the skin. People who suffer from this condition often think that what they can do to deal with such a condition. In this topic we have focused on the various alternative treatment options for vitiligo.

    Vitiligo Treatment Options

    Currently, there are various white patch treatment options available. According to your condition, your skin doctor will let you know which option is best for you.


    The main purpose of applying sunscreen is:

    • Protecting unpigmented skin from sunburn reaction
    • Normally pigmented skin should not get tanned

    Make sure the sunscreen you are using should not be less than SPF 30 as it helps in blocking erythema, as well as the sunlight effect on skin cells, is reduced.

    Covering it up

    This option involves dyes or makeup so that white patches can be hidden or they become less visible. For some patients, the option of camouflage and self-tanning options are best.

    Getting the normal skin color restored

    It includes spot treatment or whole-body treatment.

    • Spot treatment with Topical Corticosteroid Creams


    In the initial stages, this option is safe, simple, and practical. If it does not show results in 2 months then it won’t be effective. Make sure that you visit the doctor whenever they ask you to monitor your condition.

    • Spot Treatment with Topical Oxsoralen


    This is a complicated one as it can result in sunburn which can last for 3 days or maybe more. Make sure you get it done from the best doctor and it is done on small spots. In most cases, to get the starting response around 15 treatments are needed and to finish it can go to 100 sessions.

    • Spot Treatment: Mini Grafting


    In this case, the normal skin is transplanted to the problematic area. To unify the color between grafts PUVA is used. The procedure is quite complex and your doctor will let you know whether this option is best for you.

    • Whole Body Treatment: PUVA Photochemotherapy


    When the problem is widespread then oral psoralen + UVA (PUVA) is best. It is done using artificial UVA or sunlight and trimethylpsoralen and Oxsoralen-Ultra or Trisoralen.

    Before the treatment starts ANA blood test and Ophthalmologic examination is done. According to the patient’s condition, the treatment plan will be made by the doctor.

    In 70% of cases its effectiveness is  85% with vitiligo on the neck, legs, upper arms, trunk, and head. Make sure that after the treatment you follow the doctor’s guideline to maintain the results.

    Topical Creams: Remove Skin Pigment And Unify Skin Color

    In case the above-mentioned option did not work then this is recommended. The process is permanent with monobenzylether of hydroquinone 20% cream.

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