Acne Conglobata – What are its Causes and Symptoms?


    Acne Conglobata – What are its Causes and Symptoms?

    Acne development is very common at a young age which occurs because of hormonal changes. One of its type is acne conglobata which is inflammatory acne and very severe condition. If you are dealing with the problem then consult the doctor. To know more about its symptoms and condition read the given topic.

    Acne conglobata is a form of inflammatory acne which is severe but very rare. This condition can result in inflammatory pimples, deep nodules, and papules. Nodules can grow very large and they are in the shape of the dome. Breakouts often result in drain bad-smelling pus. Whereas in acne conglobata it results in sinus tracts and large draining abscesses. These sinus tracts have no link with the sinus of the respiratory tract. They are very long wounds which present under the skin surface. The breakouts join each other which can cause deep wounds.

    What are the causes of acne conglobata?

    Well, there is no definite answer about why they develop suddenly. They start in the form of acne which eventually gets worse with time. In some cases, it appears suddenly after the acne has cleared up properly.

    • Chances are that the body gets hypersensitive to ‘Propionibacterium acnes’. This bacteria actually helps in the development of bacteria which can result in breakout and severe inflammation. Ace conglobata is very common in men in early adulthood. This is not so common in women.
    • Due to its occurrence in men, the development of this condition is likely because of testosterone.
    • One of the contributors which can trigger the problem, even more, is anabolic steroids. This type is very common in bodybuilders as compared to the general population. If you are taking steroids and develop this condition it is very important that you let your skin doctor know about this condition. This piece of information can help your doctor a lot while giving you acne treatment.
    • Other things which can trigger this are thyroid medications and androgen-producing tumor.
    • In the case of women PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) can be one of the reasons.
    • Men who are undergoing testosterone treatment face the problem once the treatment stops.
    • In some cases, the problem can be genetic which means someone in your family had this problem.

    What are the symptoms of Acne conglobata?

    Acne conglobata occurs on different parts of the body which include

    • Back
    • Shoulders
    • Thighs
    • Chest
    • Buttocks
    • Face

    In this condition, the patient gets lines of breakouts, as they grow and beneath the skin, they will interconnect. There are few distinctions which can help you know about this condition.

    • In this condition, the blackouts start developing. No doubt, they are common as everyone gets them, even people do not have acne. But in this, they do not appear single as they appear in a group of 2 or 3. They get inflamed and start growing large.
    • These types of blackheads can grow very large which can be up to 3 centimeters across. They are known as “macrocomedones.”
    • Additionally, they heal very slowly and they spread outwards even if the scan develops in the middle of the breakout.

    If you are suffering from the problem then make sure to seek the help of our doctor as early as possible. According to your condition, the doctor will prescribe you the medications you need to take.

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