Acknowledging Gynecomastia- a male medical state and its treatment


    Acknowledging Gynecomastia- a male medical state and its treatment

    What you know about gynecomastia?

    Extended glandular tissue in males appears as gynecomastia or called man boobs (Moobs) and it is not directly related to fat but sometimes disguised under obesity. It cannot be said that it is disease but a medical condition caused by imbalances, hormones estrogen and testosterone that responsible for gynecomastia. It generally treated by skin specialist or gynecomastia surgeon.

    How to know that you are a victim of gynecomastia?

    Swelling of the chest tissue in excess is the main symptom with which you can recognize and with self-testing your chest.It shows very limited symptoms, sometimes the symptoms are related to over-weight but in majority it relates to gynecomastia.

    Know about the noticeable symptoms if you are a victim of this issue then you might have the following changes in appearance of your chest for instance,

    • Unnecessary mass attached below neck and more around and blow center of chest.

    • Elastic mass underneath nipples area and tenderness.

    • Fluid discharge from nipple, though it is very rare case but if it happens then the man needs to immediately meet a doctor.

    • If you are wearing loose shirts to avoid showcasing your front in your social circle then you might be a victim of moobs.

    Who is more susceptible to man boobs?

    Teenagers who are vulnerable to hormonal changes are more likely to prone to this problem and adults who are on some medications could be subjected to’ Moobs’.

    • Genetically presence of man boobs results in this problem to next kin.

    • Medicines irrespective of age like heart related, antibiotics, anti-anxiety, and drugs for heartburn can cause man boobs.

    • Additionally, usage of marijuana, heroin, alcohol consumption and steroids can be responsible for it.

    • Herbal products are abundant in tree and lavender oil that also increase the level of breast. Because the natural estrogen can upset your body’s normal hormone levels

    • Some diseases like overactive thyroid, kidney ailments or tumor on any of your glands imbalances your hormones

    Options for ‘moobs’ prone men

    Depends upon level of moobs

    Subjected man needs to limit alcohol consumption and refrain from illegal drugs like cannabis.

    If you want to stop it from further enlargement then you should read every medicines prospect to identify the level of oestrogen it has.

    How gynecomastia is diagnosed?

    As it is caused but various imbalances in males and nothing to worry about it as it is treatable and nor it has to be present permanently .It affects more than 60 % male population.

    Its solution depends upon the type and phase of life.

    During Puberty– One can wait for to resolve it with time when hormonal imbalances gets stable, if not become flat then medical intervention is a remedy for this.

    Obesity– If fat is sufficient to overcome the problem then it is okay and can wait for the decrease in weight and oestrogen levels to go down with the weight but most men chose to undergo surgery to remove it to obstruct the further enlargement of man boobs.

    In this treatment the patient is given anesthesia and normal combination of disinfection and liposuction is done to remove breast tissue that is mainly responsible for this problem.

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