PRP Therapy

Laser treatments or laser resurfacing is a type of cosmetic procedure where concentrated beams of light are directed towards the skin on any part of the body to remove wrinkles, scars, or any other unwanted irregularities. The procedure completely removes any blemish or any other lumps on the skin.

Laser treatments are commonly performed on men and women in the USA, Australia, India, using advanced equipment. The length of the treatment depends on the type of skin problem being treated.

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It is a type of Ablative laser used to treat a wide range of skin problems such as facial wrinkles, scars, burns, warts, and other related skin conditions. This kind of treatment has managed to undo complicated skin problems in both men and women


The energy is delivered in the specific area of the body with the help of an Ultrapulse. The energy exerted on the skin causes damage to the affected region washing it away.

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How it works

This technique directs less concentrated pulsating beams to the damaged skin, removing layer by layer and at the end, there is a new skin formed. This particular type of laser treatment causes less effect of the heat. There will be minimal bruising, swelling and redness that disappears after a one week or with some days.

Who is the Candidate?

Each treatment is taken on after a discussion with the plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. Ultrapulse CO2 laser is recommended in worse cases while Erbium in moderate cases. Those with

  • Visible wrinkles, scars, and patches on the skin
  • Uneven skin color due to different causes


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Before the treatment

  • Stop smoking for 2 or 3 weeks
  • Avoid supplements and aspirin drugs
  • Make it a priority to inform the doctor about any allergies, and skin reactions
  • Do not quake since it is a simple procedure

After the procedure

  • Antibiotics may be taken before the treatment or after the treatment if necessary
  • It is completely an outpatient procedure, so you will return home on the same day.
  • Bandage will be applied to the treated area and you may experience some itching
  • The treated area must be kept clean and you will be requested to clean it with clean water and a cloth. You will have to smear a jelly on the area to keep it hydrated
  • Change will be witnessed in every treatment
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure and always use a moisturizer



Are Laser Treatments Safe?

The commonest question has always been whether later resurfacing treatments lead to or cause cancer. The dilemma is still at large, but the fact is that some laser treatments have been used to treat certain cases of cancers or pre-cancerous lesions. The practices are performed in an ideal environment and have no serious side-effects when performed by an expert