White Spots in Children- Effective Ways to Eliminate them from the Skin


    White Spots in Children- Effective Ways to Eliminate them from the Skin

    Your child’s skin is extremely delicate and having to deal with any skin condition at such a tender age might be the hardest experience for a parent. However, you must understand that at this age, children commonly suffer from skin conditions triggered by a number of factors.

    Also, vitiligo a skin condition in children and adults where the skin forms white patches is common. This happens when the skin cells stop producing melanin, a pigment responsible for giving an individual a normal skin colour.

    Pityriasis alba is another common skin condition in children and young adults, but its appearance is duller than vitiligo, but it differs from one patient to another.

    Effective care tips and treatment of any of these skin conditions comes after understanding the actual type of condition. Pityriasis alba isn’t that more serious like Vitiligo.

    Possible Symptoms of White Spots

    Pityriasis alba and vitiligo definitely cause skin colour changes (white spots) and they commonly attack the facial regions, arms, chest, neck, and the back. Some of the best ways to eliminate or prevent white spots triggered by these skin conditions include;

    1. Monitoring your child

    In some cases, mothers or parents are consumed by their busy schedules leaving their children under a caretaker’s supervision. However, it is crucial to take time off every week and observe your child’s health by evaluating his or her skin, dental health among others.

    2. Apply a Sunscreen

    Summers are generally characterized by high temperatures that at times exceed 34°C | °F. Although the skin naturally has a mechanism for defending itself, these temperatures cause pigmentation by triggering vitiligo or darkening the skin and in other cases, they cause skin cancer. Apply a good amount of sunscreen on your child’s skin before she moves out on a daily basis.

    3. Bathing

    Although you would want your kid to learn how to bath herself, try to help him or her scrub various body areas like the armpits, legs, hands, the back to eliminate dirt and germs.

    4. Deworming

    Deworming is significantly crucial during childhood to eliminate intestinal parasites like worms. Having worms triggers various skin conditions such as rash, spots, itching, and diarrhoea and deworming plus washing hands with soap before meals are some of the effective approaches of saying goodbye to them.

    5. Buy a skin moisturiser for your child

    Depending on your child’s skin type, buy a good moisturizer for him or her. For best results, teach your child how to use the moisturizer by using a good amount and applying all over the body. Note that children with a dry skin have more chances of developing white spots.

    6. A good diet

    Just like an adult, your child also requires good meals filled with proteins, fruits, vegetables in addition to clean drinking water. Try to take your child for a check (Pediatrics) for better supplements or treatments.

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