Wax Before laser hair removal?


    Wax Before laser hair removal?

    Unwanted hair is very difficult to get away and for that the patient will opt for different methods like shaving, threading, plucking, and tweezing. No doubt to get these things done you need plenty of time. In this topic, we will let you know whether it is best to wax before undergoing laser hair removal.

    Many people all over the world are an option for laser hair removal treatment. Well, there are various benefits that you can get with this option. The procedure is non-invasive, easy, quick, and the results last for a long time.

    Well, this treatment option is not only popular among women but men also opt for this. When men get razor or waxing done the hair grows back faster and thick. But with laser hair removal, the hair does not grow back that fast and the possible hair growth is very thin. In which part of the body you will get the laser done the new hair will be thin. So, this way the need for shaving will be reduced. Typically, the results with laser removal last for 12 to 24 months. Patients often ask the skin doctor is whether they should do waxing before undergoing the laser procedure.

    Should I do waxing before laser hair removal procedure?

    Well, it is important to keep in mind that waxing should be avoided one month before the procedure. This way, the laser will remove the hair from the targeted area in the best manner.

    The hair gets removed by the principle of SPTL (Selective Photothermolysis). This term is referred to as the laser light selection where the skin tissues need to be targeted by the laser. With the laser beam, the melanin will lead to localized damage. The hair follicles have cells and with laser heat, they get damaged from the root and this way the hair won’t grow back again.

    What if I wax before treatment?

    If the person opts for waxing before treatment then in the targeted area the hair won’t grow for a certain time period. If underneath the skin, the hair follicles are not there then the laser cannot target anything and the desired results won’t be achieved.

    Hair growth phase

    Each hair strand has its own development stage which takes time.

    • Anagen Phase (growth phase)


    The hair follicles get buried into the dermal layer so that the strand gets nourished. The hair growth period is for 6 weeks.

    • Catagen Phase (Transitional phase)


    This phase means the growth phase ends and the time period is 3 weeks.

    • Telogen Phase (Shedding phase)


    In this phase, the hair rests and falls out. In this phase, the person can lose 80 to 100 hairs in a day.

    So, waxing is not right before laser and if you have any questions in your mind then you should talk to the doctor.

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