Warts Problem in Children – Types and causes


    Warts Problem in Children – Types and causes

    Warts problem is becoming very common and it affects children more. Moreover, the problem can spread from one person to another very easily. Getting the treatment at the right time is very essential. In this guide, we have shared the types and causes of warts.

    What are warts?

    Warts are raised bumps that are found on the skin. They are caused by HPV ( human papillomavirus). This problem is affecting many people for a long time. However, they are not that dangerous but they have an ugly look. This can be embarrassing to deal with but the warts are contagious as well as painful.

    More common in Children

    The problem is very common in children. Around 10% to 20% of children face the problem of warts. Usually, it is seen that girls have to suffer from this more as compared to boys and it is more prevalent between the age of 12 to 16. In case, your child is facing the problem then you should not wait for a long time and consult the skin doctor for warts removal.

    What are the types and causes of warts?

    The warts are formed when the skin is invaded by the virus by a tiny scratch or cut. The virus which enters the skin can result in the growth of cells that are present in the outer layer. They are usually the same as that of skin color but they can be dark.

    Types of Skin Warts

    • Most commonly the warts are found in the back of the hands and fingers.
    • On the type is plamer warts which get triggered on the palms.
    • Another type is planter warts which occur on the feet. Usually, they grow on the soles.
    • Flat warts are smoother and smaller as compared to other warts. But they can grow a lot, at times it can be around 20 to 100. typically, they occur on the children’s faces.
    • Filiform warts occur on the nose or chin. Their growth is straight out and grows on the face.

    Causes of Warts

    • The problem is caused by the virus which gets passed from child to child. Moreover, if the skin gets affected by the virus it can take even months for warts to become visible.
    • Children who face this problem have compromised immune systems. It is seen that if kids bite their nails it can create tiny cuts on the skin which increases the chances to get warts.

    Prevention is the best option

    • Around the public showers wear the slippers.
    • Do not share the towel with anyone.
    • If someone in your known has this problem then do not share your belongings with them.

    If your child is facing the problem then book your appointment at our skin clinic for the best treatment.

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