Vitiligo – Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment


Vitiligo – Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment


VITILIGO is the long-term problem with growing patches. In this disease, your skins lose the color of the skin. It can affect the people of any age and gender. This disease arises when the melanocytes of the skin die. Melanocytes are the cells, which are responsible for producing the skin pigmentation. These cells save our skin from the UV rays.

What are the various symptoms of the Vitiligo issue?

  • The first symptom of the Vitiligo issue is the appearance of the white patches on the skin. These patches grow faster when it is exposed to the sun.

  • In the initial stage, its color is paler but the passage of the time its pale color changes into the white.

  • These patches don’t have a definite shape.

  • This Vitiligo issue doesn’t cause any kind of discomfort, irritation, soreness and dryness in the skin.

  • Vitiligo issue is the photosensitive disease. This disease will spread more when it is sensitive to sunlight.

  • There is no extent of the extension of the patches. There may case in which patches are remained stable from the numbers of the years.

  • The effects of Vitiligo issue are different for the different people. Some people only have small white dots while others affect that larger area of the skin.

  • The light patches are more visible with dark and tanned skin.

What are the various causes of the Vitiligo issue?

The exact cause of the Vitiligo issue is not clear. There are numbers of the factors that are responsible for Vitiligo issue which is described as follows:

  • An autoimmune disorder: In this case, your immune system becomes over-active and destroys all the cells of the melanocytes.

  • Genetic oxidative: This is occurred due to the imbalance of the stress.

  • A stressful event: Sometimes, stressful event will responsible for the Vitiligo issue

  • Sunburn Cut: Sometimes, critical sunburn and the cut are responsible for the Vitiligo issue

  • Exposure to some chemicals: there are some chemicals which are harmful to the skin. When your skin direct contact with that chemicals, there will be more chances of the Vitiligo issue

  • Neural cause: the Neural cause is the main cause of the Vitiligo issue.

  • Heredity: sometimes, due to some of the hereditary factors, their next generation will also suffer the same problem.

What is the various treatment of Vitiligo issue?

Following are treatments that are suggested by the best Dermatologist of India.

  • Using sunscreen

It is recommended by the most of the dermatologist to use the sunscreen while going outside. Because light patches are more sensitive to the skin.

  • Phototherapy with UVB light

In this therapy, a small lamp is used on the regular bases. This is most effective vitiligo treatment in India. If it is done for the whole body, it is done in the hospital.

  • Phototherapy with UVA light

In this procedure, firstly drug is given to the patient. This is done in the series. Then your skin is exposed to UVA light in numbers of the series.

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