Vitiligo : is it genetic?


    Vitiligo : is it genetic?

    Vitiligo is not a common problem, this is experienced by a small number of people. Well, this is completely a genetic condition, which leads you to several other problems. So you have to undergo the treatment of this vitiligo condition. Make sure you must choose the best specialist to get the treatment.

    To get information about Vitiligo’s causes, you have to understand first what is vitiligo problem. Vitiligo is a kind of an autoimmune disease that is usually caused genetically. These are explained as small white patches on the skin, which can either be experienced by female or male as well. People who are suffering from this vitiligo problem experience depigmented skin, that outcomes in loss of epidermal melanocytes. As we stated above, this is caused genetically, which means parents to children, or siblings to siblings also.

    Is Vitiligo genetic?

    Yes, as we stated above, vitiligo is hereditary. People who are suffering from this condition know very well, that this is a hereditary condition. In which if your parents have this condition, then it will surely affect you. Well, this is also an autoimmune disease, so you do not take tension that your children will also experience this problem in the future.

    Causes of vitiligo

    Well, the exact cause of vitiligo problem is a genetic factor, but certain people experience this problem due to several other factors such as environmental factors. Additionally, this is an autoimmune disease, which outcomes in the destruction of skin pigment cells. In this condition, you have to meet the skin doctor so that you can get the right vitiligo treatment on time. He will first examine you well in order to understand the condition of the problem and the type of this vitiligo problem as well.

    There are two types of vitiligo such as-:

    • Segmental
    • Non-segmental.

    Most people are suffering from non-segmental, this type of vitiligo affects several areas of the skin, and if you leave this untreated, then it will surely expand over time. Whereas, only 10% of people are suffering from segmental vitiligo. This type of vitiligo can be cured easily and does not expand over time. So you must get the treatment according to vitiligo type.

    Genes and Vitiligo

    The human body contains so many genes and each gene has the ability to create one protein. And this protein is responsible to make insulin in the body, which is helpful to use blood sugar properly. However, if these proteins do not work properly, then you will surely experience health conditions. In which vitiligo is on the peak because certain genes are related to our immune system. And when they stop working properly, you will experience the vitiligo problem.

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