Vital Steps to Say Goodbye to Acne Scars


    Vital Steps to Say Goodbye to Acne Scars

    Acne outbreaks aren’t that deadly when compared to Ebola, Hepatitis A or Avian Influenza (H7N9), but the worst tale of the condition is experienced with the scars left behind. Acne scars will certainly lower your self-esteem, confidence and leave your face down as you certainly can’t look into people’s eyes.

    As per studies, acne is one of the most hated cosmetic problems around the world, affecting both males and females, but commonly, women are perpetual victims.

    To effectively get rid of acne scars, you should probably first understand its actual cause, something which will help you control or reduce acne outbreaks that leave scars.

    Why Do I get Ace?

    The skin is comprised of pores and when these pores get clogged with dead skin cells, they will continually get filled with excess oil which facilitates (allows) bacteria growth. With time, these pores can become engorged, something that results in acne lesions. Once these lesions rupture, it irritates the skin and then causes an inflammation which is indicated by redness or pigmentation.

    As the skin fights to repair itself, it will naturally form new collagen fibers which trigger acne scars.


    Tampering with acne by either picking it or touching it only worsens it and spreads it to other regions, hence extending the level of scaring.

    How Can You Effectively Remove Acne Scars?

    Acne scars can be eliminated with the help of a routine skin care plan or opting for dermatology treatments like laser treatments or chemical peels. To effectively remove worsened acne scars, laser treatment is considered to be more effective than any other treatment approach as it improves the skin texture, open the pores, and increases blood circulation.

    Eliminating Acne Scars with a Routine Skin Care Plan

    Following an effective skin care plan, will not only reduce acne breakouts, but will also lessen the extent of scarring you have to suffer. It is also crucial to mind the ingredients in your skin products and follow a systematic approach to your skin care routine

    The Systematic Approach

    Step 1- Eliminate the Skin Impurities

    You can remove skin impurities with the help of a gentle toner with an ideal oil and water balance. An astringent lotion can also offer desired results provided you swab the face effectively. This step helps to enhance the absorption rate of the skin products that follow

    Step 2- Drops of Vitamin Serum

    Add at least three drops of vitamin serum to help you fade the acne scars. Target the acne scars and in so doing, the infection will be controlled. Certain vitamin serums are ideal for even sensitive skins, but you can alter your option as per your skin type.

    Step 3- The Scar Treatment Serum

    Having utilized the vitamin serum, which brightens and improves pigmentation, you can now utilize the scar treatment serum to fade (eliminate) the scars completely and as well act as a shield to acne. Use a good thick layer of it in order to create a protective layer on the skin and also protect the affected areas from external factors like pollution, debris among others.

    Step 4- Skin Rejuvenation

    You can rejuvenate your skin with a good moisturizer having cleaned your skin. For those with an acne prone skin, it is vital to use skin care products with natural ingredients.

    Step 5- Control & Prevention

    There are various ways of controlling acne breakouts and scarring. Among these, we have tea tree skin products or Aloe Vera skin products that will also improve your skin complexion.

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