What are the Various Areas that are Treated with the Laser Hair Removal Technique?


    What are the Various Areas that are Treated with the Laser Hair Removal Technique?


    This is the one of the popular technique of the cosmetic procedures. Nowadays, people are more concerned about their looks and the personality. There are large numbers of the population that face the problem of the unwanted hair growth. Today, men are more concerned about the metrosexual look. The laser hair removal treatment in Phagwara provides the permanent solution for the unwanted hair growth. This is the one the fastest and comfortable solution. This is the best alternative to the plucking, shaving, waxing etc.

    What are the various parts of the body which are treated with the LASER?

    Almost everybody part is treated with the laser technology.

    • Upper lip: Most of the women always feel embarrassing with upper hairs. There are so many painful and temporary methods like waxing, plucking etc. but the laser hair removal technology is less painful and permanent method.

    • Chin: There are so many women who have undesirable hair around the chin. She feels very embarrassing when she goes to the somewhere. One session is 15 minutes and this is the very straightforward method.

    • Cheeks & Side locks: most of the women suffering from the unpleasant hair and always love to have the clear and the smooth skin. She has to perform wax, shave and bleach on the regular basis. Laser removal treatment is the life-changing procedure and boosts up the confidence of the person.

    • Ear: there are some persons who have tufts of hairs that are poking out of the ears. Laser hair removal is the latest method that is used to remove the unwanted hair from the ears. This technology is based on the pulse light which is used to impair the hair follicle. You can consult the best dermatologist of India. This requires the multiple sessions and this will become the costly procedure when it is used with ears.

    • Neck: the neck is the most common part that most of the males and females go for the laser hair removal treatment. This treatment is suitable for those people who have light and dark skin.

    How does the Laser hair reduction procedure works?

    This hair removal treatment is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. This process is the combination of the wavelength and the pulse duration which is used to give the optimal effect on the targeted hair follicles. The efficiency of this method depends on the cause of the unwanted hair. There are some patients who require the touch sessions after the different cycles.


    • Firstly, Laser beam is passed through the topmost layer of the skin named Epidermal and then it penetrates to the hair follicles.

    • Then the laser is absorbed by the hair shaft. Then, heat is produced around the hair follicle. Heat is generated with high beam intensity.

    • This heat is responsible for reducing the hair growth. This results in the hair-free skin.

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