Types of Acne Scars and The treatments available


    Types of Acne Scars and The treatments available

    Acne is not only the problem of girls or ladies but men also encounter this condition. There are several reasons behind acne or breakouts such as oily skin, consuming an unhealthy diet, infection, beauty products reaction, and some medical conditions. In addition to this condition is more common in teenage girls because these use excessive beauty products. If you want to reduce the risk of scars then you do not pop your acne otherwise it will leave a scar on your face. Majority of people start itching and popping the breakouts due to which they encounter more infection which further result in scars.

    Moreover, in order to get the proper or right acne scar treatment, you must go through the types of acne. Because acne scar removal treatment only works according to the type of acne and acne scar as well.

    Here are a few types of acne scars and treatment according to type.

    Boxcar scars

    These type of scars are round in shape with sharp edges. These boxcar scars are wider than another type of scar. These are developed when acne destroys the collagen and when the tissue is lost. In addition, these scars create a depression in the skin and these can be treated with dermal fillers and punch excision. And then dermal fillers are injected into scar so that you can get rid of the depressed area under the skin. Moreover, this is the fastest and secure procedure which gives you permanent results.

    Rolling scars

    Rolling scars are usually caused wave-like depressions under the skin but no one can judge them because your skin appears as natural from outside. These are caused when fibrous tissue bands are developed between the subcutaneous tissue and skin. Moreover, these type of scars is treated with the help of subcision, which is actually a surgical procedure and perform under the local anesthesia. In this procedure, your surgeon inserts the scalpel to your skin in order to cut the bands, so that you can get natural looking skin.

    An ice pick scar

    This is a dangerous type of acne scar which harms your skin from inside. This is caused when your skin experiences the loss in collagen and leaves the depression. Moreover, this type of acne scar is treated with the help of TCA which is additionally known as trichloroacetic acid. In this treatment, your doctor uses the small applicator so that he can insert the chemical into your skin and burns the scar. If you have any type of health condition then you should talk to a doctor first.

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